[Denied/Closed] NEAR INDONESIA Guild request for social media budget on November 2021

Guild Name: Near Indonesia Guild
Guild lead: @agungdjs
Funding scheme: Monthly
Funding period: November 2021

Detailed summary:

Hello, my name is Agung, I am the leader of Near Indonesia Guild. First, let me apologize to @shreyas for not giving a frequent update in recent months. Starting from now, I will be the one responsible for developing this community in Indonesia with assistance from @riqi , the founder of Paras.id as the advisor for the community of Near Indonesia Guild.

Following our previous vision, i.e. “Making Indonesian people great to adapt, adopt and familiar with using blockchain technology to face upcoming global challenges”

Activities we will be doing are:

1. Admin and moderation on Instagram

Activity : Educating Indonesian people about near protocol and introducing the ecosystem in it, using Bahasa Indonesia.
Targets: Uploading 4-7 content per week in the form of a carousel post.
Person in charge: @agungdjs
Admin tasks:
● Researching the content material that will be visualized includes translating the source into Bahasa Indonesia and organizing the posting schedule on social media
● Visualizing informative content material.

2. Admin and moderation on Twitter

Activity: Giving the latest update about near protocol in Indonesia through the source, such as Nearprotocol, [Neardaily (https://twitter.com/NEAR_daily), Nearity_org
Targets: Tweeting more than 3 times per day
Person in charge: @agungdjs
Admin tasks:
● Translating collected information to Bahasa Indonesia through Twitter.

3. Moderation on Telegram

Activity: Monitoring member activities in the group and answering every member questions.
Targets: More than 30 members per month.
Person in charge: @agungdjs nd @riqi

4. Admin and moderation on Medium

Goals: Making Near Indonesia Guild’s Medium as the source of information that is easy to understand for Indonesian people.
Targets: Publishing a minimum of six articles per week.
Person in charge: @agungdjs
Admin task:
● Translating all article about near protocol and the ecosystem in it, either old or new article based on the official website of near protocol or any media that discuss the near protocol.

Through all the activities listed above, I am employing a few freelancers for helping me in building and growing the communities in Indonesia. I employed four people that consist of two people for Instagram’s admin, one for Twitter’s admin, and one translator.

Funding details:
Guild leader: $1000/ Person
1 x 1.000 USD= $1.000
Freelancer: $500/ Person
4 x $500= $2000

Total request amount
$1000 + $2000= $3000 (273 NEAR)
(1 Near= $11 / 28 oct 2021)

DAO ID: Near_Indonesia.sputnikdao.near

@marketingdao-council @David_NEAR @jcatnear @grace @cryptocredit @satojandro @shreyas (request approved)


Medium near indonesia, Telegram Group Near Indonesia

besides me, there is also @derymars as the leader of the Near Indonesia guild.

Good day! The link is not available

Instagram has no any posts

And 10 people on Twitter and no articles on Medium.

I think you guys need to start working and come back after couple months, show us results, and ask about funding again.

Have a great day!

Hallo, this is the correct link Medium near indonesia, Telegram Group Near Indonesia.

This community will be more active on November, so we need freelancer to help us growing the community.

If the proposal that we sent approved, we will report the result of our activity on the following month. For example, the November proposal will be reported on Early Desember.

Every social media and media that created will be assets of near protocol Indonesia in the future.

Got it. Just for information: ~ 85% of all Near guilds have never asked funding, driven by Near enthusiasts and believes.

Thanks for your work to date and putting together this proposal!

I believe social media is a tool, a means to an end, when reading this proposal, I am wondering what is the desired end.

I’d be happy to jump on a call, ideally with other council members, to help identify some KPIs or growth metrics to strive for. The key is to identify how accessing extra resources could fastback growth and unlock additional value for both the local Indonesian ecosystem and NEAR community more generally.

I’d like to see more targeted events and initiatives such as physical Meetups (if and when it is possible and safe to do so, covid) and reaching out to the crypto, startups, developer communities. I believe you have great potential by teaming up with the Paras team and leveraging their leadership and position in the region.

Finally, I’d suggest approving the freelancer amounts as a budget allowance, and then including at the end of the month how much work was required and how much money was actually spent. This would provide more flexibility and enable us to more easily adjust budget up or down as required.


Thank you for your response to our proposal. We will revise the proposal and will add more specific detail to it, especially about the project and goals that we will achieve in the future.

We will inform you when we ready to conference call with council members.

Agreed, I initially see that the budget allocations are pretty high for a fairly new guild. Also happy to hop on a call to see what the long-term plans and vision the guild has because I have a personal interest in growing the local guilds as well.

Thanks and looking forward to amendments to the proposal!

Thank you @jcatnear and @satojandro , you are right. I think we need to revise and give more detail plan.

Hay @jcatnear it would be great if we have a template for guild proposal aswell…!

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hi @marketingdao-council I think we need to closed this proposal. We would like to reevaluate and implement it on January '22 proposal.

Thank you, have a great day

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All done, looking forward to the next!

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thanks David @David_NEAR

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