[APPROVED] Near Indonesia March 2024

Hello Everyone,

I am thrilled to present a proposal for Near Indonesia that I have been passionately building since September 2021. Our community has grown tremendously since its inception, and we are excited to embark on new projects and opportunities that will benefit our members, partners, and stakeholders.

As a team, we have worked tirelessly to create a space where individuals can share ideas, collaborate, and support each other in achieving their goals. Our community is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, which has enabled us to foster creativity and innovation in all our projects.

I’ve been tracking the key performance indicators for the Globe DAO in March https://docs.google.com/document/d/18IT-gAAIgnXRB7uWHseze73uezv1Gc-E_g76YrFejEQ/ , and I’ve aligned our objectives accordingly.

Guild / Community Name: NEAR Indonesia
User: near-indonesia.sputnik-dao.near

Current core team members:

Link to the Social Media accounts:
Near Social: Near Social
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearindonesia?s=21&t=5FguwbhzhHyI629CG3lGKQ
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @nearindonesianews
Medium: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Tiktok: NEAR PROTOCOL INDONESIA (@nearprotocol_id) | TikTok
Youtube: NEAR Indonesia - YouTube
Instagram: Near Indonesia (@nearguildindonesia) • Instagram photos and videos

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Previous proposal: [APPROVED] Near Indonesia February 2024
Previous report: Will post the report on 12 February 2024 (January funding)
Alignment with NEAR Globe’s Vision

We have an adjust the previous KPIs
Strategic Objectives: Tackling pivotal strategic objectives such as expanding the ecosystem, cultivating valuable partnerships, and adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Community Development: Implementing strategies for substantial growth and active engagement within the community.

Significant Initiatives: Detailing potential high-impact projects to significantly enhance the NEAR ecosystem.

User Retention Metrics: Assessing account retention rates after 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks, alongside a Social Engagement Score, to retain a minimum of 50% of onboarded accounts.

Ongoing Community Engagement: We will consistently share daily content across social media platforms, engage with diverse crypto communities, and provide continuous support 24/7. With an active community since 2021, we are dedicated to sustaining and actively interacting with our existing audience.

Referral System Goals: Targeting 90 new wallets per month and achieving an average of 30 transactions for every 40 new wallets through an Engagement gamification mechanism.

Telegram Strategy: Aiming for 200 active members, 7 days a week support, and expanding our Telegram chat group by inviting users from different Indonesian community groups. Implementing small giveaways and promotions to boost engagement, sharing NEAR-related news, and actively participating in various crypto community groups.

Twitter Objectives: Target 50,000 impressions by daily sharing the latest NEAR news in the Indonesian language, utilizing hashtags and markables for increased engagement, and incorporating giveaways and promotions.

Medium Content Plan: Translating and publishing four articles monthly in Indonesian, covering a range of topics. Ensuring visibility on YouTube and TikTok with four videos garnering 8.000 views each per month, covering Near.Social, weekly news, ecosystem updates, and educational content about NEAR BOS and NEAR Horizon.

Near Social Activities: Sharing all news, creating on-chain quizzes, and utilizing Keypom/Arkana as rewards to enhance engagement.

Account Acquisition Cost Control: Targeting a $4 acquisition cost per account.

dApp Promotion: Encouraging community use of listed dApps on DappRadar through campaigns, AMAs, and mini contests. Tracking transactions by collecting users.near addresses manually and monitoring activity on Pikespeak.

Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities: 1-2 partnerships, 2 online events

Education and Development Activities: Hosting events like AMAs and Voice Chats, translating and publishing four educational articles monthly in Indonesian, offering support on Telegram, answering developer questions, and sharing educational content on Twitter to increase on-chain activities

Online events activity: 3 events, 30 users/ event
Dev activity: 10 Developers 1 online training activities.

Budget Request: Requesting a total budget of $4,000 with the wallet address indonesiaguild.near.

I appreciate your support!


Hi @agungdjs can you please update your proposal according to the new KPIs mentioned in our Charter

Thank you :slight_smile:

hey, thanks @cizi31 , I have revised the proposal!

Hello @agungdjs, thanks for your proposal for March, you did a good job and I have studied your proposal.

Clear and understandable KPIs, I support your proposal.

Clear KPI and good report, happy to support!


I am happy to support Near Indonesia under Tier B with $4K for March 2023.

Good luck guys.