NEAR Ecosystem Map

Hey all!

We have been working on a NEAR official visual ecosystem map for all entities building within the NEAR ecosystem - its source of data lives in a GitHub repository, which will be community maintained by way of GitHub pull requests.

This repository will not only act as the data source for the NEAR Ecosystem web app coming soon, but also for other dashboards as well in the future.

Our aim is to have an accurate, up to date database of all entities in the NEAR ecosystem. Therefore, we have made this an open, community-driven repo which anyone can contribute to.

Please review the ReadMe for contribution guidelines

This is a living, breathing document and repo that will evolve over time as the community helps to contribute & maintain the map going forward.


This is going to be so amazing! :star_struck: Congrats, Ecosystem Success Team for getting this incredible undertaking on its way.

We should push the Guilds and other community groups hard at work to contribute to this repo @shreyas @chloe @jlwaugh @starpause


I am happy to see this :slightly_smiling_face: thank you ES team & @MarcusNEAR for your work. :raised_hands:


Nice work!


app: ""

Could there be a way to record the Mainnet and Testnet versions? Ross and I have been tracking that in his Growth Hacking ecosystem sheet.

Will the oneliner and additional about text be localized/translated?


Did you consider making the ecosystem 1 json file instead of spread across multiple files?

Would make it easier to edit with a tool like


@starpause thank you!

Regarding the mainnet & testnet app versions - this is good input we will add to our talking points for our next sync :+1:

Regarding localisation/translation - we may integrate a localisation plugin for these

Regarding the file structure - yes, this was one of the main blockers/decisions we were faced with. We went with markdown files for now as we are currently working with static data & want to make the submission process as open as possible. Down the line we are going to integrate dynamic project data/analytics, and also aim to have the submission process be a form right on the web app, that then creates a PR in the repo on the backend, for best UX. This may pivot the github into JSON, but we will see when we get there :+1:

Really appreciate the feedback everyone :raised_hands:


Great work @MarcusNEAR

Cant wait to see a live updated map UI with quick links to all the guilds and projects…

Do you have an update on theweb app?


A very necessary thing, I look forward to launching