Ecosystem Success Weekly Update - 07/30/2021

Ecosystem Success Weekly Update - 07/30/2021

Brief Summary:

  • Progress building out a highly detailed community-driven NEAR official ecosystem map, and an accompanying web app
  • Continue codifying the workflows and handoff criteria between different teams in the ecosystem.
  • Initial outreach plan and collateral to projects building on NEAR.
  • Added projects to the account management queue. Bi-weekly projects syncs for launched projects, initial conversations with pre-launch projects.


  • Ecosystem map repo MVP is live - get contributing!
  • Channel clean up
    • Streamlining handoff process across multiple communication channels (Email, Discord, Slack)
    • One place in each com channel for ES handoff to ensure balls don’t get dropped & provide organisation
  • ES Landing Page
    • Will go live this week. This will provide an overview of the ES team, how we work and how to engage with us
  • Finalised feedback forms and NPS surveys complete.
  • ES team took ownership of 7 new projects looking to build on NEAR, continued conversations with established projects.
  • Finalized ES mission vision and objectives

Challenges & Blockers:

  • Achieving consensus across teams regarding process and accountability as projects navigate the ecosystem. How can ES improve the user and founder experience in a decentralized ecosystem?
  • Locating and parsing information from disparate ecosystem data sources and NEARians with the institutional knowledge.

Action Items:

  • Syncing with design/Jake & web developers to get ecosystem web app v1 live asap
  • Send Intro out to 25 projects building/live on NEAR
    • NPS
    • Ecosystem Map submissions/updates
  • Publish ES Roadmap
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