NEAR Community Onboarding Survey Q1 (RESULTS)

TGIF NEARkats! :wave:

I know it’s been a while, but just dropping in to report on the most recent survey we held for the NEAR Community where we did a pulse check on how we’re doing in terms of onboarding and maintaining our main community channels, namely:

The survey was facilitated by the @ConciergeTeam and was sent mainly to those they had 1-on-1 interactions with. This ran from January to March 2022.

:baby: TL;DR:

  • The survey suggests that joining the NEAR Community is easy as existing members and moderators help new members in getting up to speed. Hands-on human interaction for onboarding has been improved and has become the top strength identified in this period’s survey.

  • Resources are now available for newbies. However, they’ve become difficult to locate without assistance from other members or moderators.

  • Our Current Net Promoter Score is 8.92 :heart_hands:

:mega: Recommendations from the Community:

  • Reevaluate existing resources (written articles, videos, etc.) and improve them as needed to make it easier to understand. :man_teacher:

  • Collate all resources that are meant to help new members and group them in a page/folder that can easily be accessed by new members of the community. :mag_right:

  • The members of the community are generally satisfied with the support that they are receiving from the community moderators and fellow members. Unfortunately, a certain level of language barriers may still exist. :speaking_head: :speech_balloon:

  • Marketing activities were mentioned in different parts of the survey, suggesting that increase in frequency of certain activities will help improve experience for community members. :boom:

:bookmark: Main Findings:

“Joining the NEAR Community was EASY”

The respondents generally AGREE that joining the NEAR Community is easy.

Top Reasons:

  • Easy to find: Community Groups are easy to find as links are available and visible on high-traffic pages, and community groups are set-up in well known platforms such as reddit, telegram, discord, etc.

  • Friendly Community: Community members are friendly and helpful when new members have questions and/or needing help

  • Good Support: Moderators and support team are effective when assisting new members in the community

Other comments:

  • Remove/Lessen barriers to set up account and/or wallet, most especially the cost and methods of initially funding the wallet.

  • Too many updates and information that can be overwhelming to new members.

“The NEAR Community Team/Moderators gave me the support I needed to become more familiar with NEAR”

Most respondents STRONGLY AGREE that the NEAR community team/moderators gave the support needed to become more familiar with NEAR

Top Reasons:

  • Helpful Agent: Agents are helpful and effective when assisting new community members with problems and questions

  • Resources: Helpful resources are available and accessible

  • Friendly Community: Community members are helping and assisting each other when needed

:tada: Special shoutout to community members who were mentioned as the most helpful! :tada:

“I was able to find and understand what I wanted/needed through the NEAR Community channels.”

More than half of the respondents STRONGLY AGREE that the NEAR Community channels help them find and understand what they wanted/needed

Most Notable Feedback:

  • You can find everything, but there is a lot of information, and that can be exhausting, intimidating, and you can get lost.

  • It started out crazy, but things lie in NEAR webpage like learning to code smart contracts (just that it has too many links to that you need to look slowly before finding LNC). Other stuff could be googled.

  • NEAR is a very large ecosystem and too technical. There should be a center (the main website fits well) where everything related can be easily reached from, in a categorised/hierarchical way (like umbrella). It may be a good idea to enhance the bottom section of the website and present as an intro page rather than having it at the bottom.

“Overall interest towards joining/starting a Guild and/being active in the NEAR Community”

The respondents generally AGREE that they are interested in joining or starting a guild and/or being more active in the NEAR Community
with members who resonate with “Marketing and Community Builder” Ecosystem being the most interested towards joining/starting a Guild.

If you want to see the original presentation, it’s here. :nerd_face:

Those who participated will receive a special NFT on May 1, 2022 through the wallet addresses they left in the form. They are designed by our friends Pierluigi & Martina from the NEAR Italy Guild! :it:

These surveys are always valuable and will be used to fuel the initiatives and goals we hope to achieve for Q2 and beyond (ie. Team OKRs). For the succeeding surveys, we’ll focus more on the @ConciergeTeam 's performance and the recent campaigns they’ve been running across the community channels. :thinking:

Stay tuned and I’ll be announcing the Q2 Community Survey soon.
Thank you to those who participated and are interested in participating on the next one!


This number is dope! Congratulations for us @ConciergeTeam :star_struck: :beers:


yess, the best crypto community and the best support team :hugs:

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for the community, by the community!


Wow! people are admiring that the NEAR community is so helpful and I guess our community members are filling the space that is left by our Mods :muscle:

Yes, there is always a need for a Navigator when you take your step into NEARvese and once you acquire enough experience then you can easily navigate your own way in the NEARverse. I’m happy to work as an Navigator🫶

It is quite good to start with let’s hope for more in the next survey.



Congratulations everyone @ConciergeTeam.


Awesome!! Thanks for the insights @jcatnear :pray: Now let’s get this number above 9 @ConciergeTeam :muscle: