[Report] BiWeekly Telegram Report (April 22 - May 7)

Hello NEARians!
Here’s the Telegram Bi-Weekly Report for Last 2 Weeks

Previous BiWeekly Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here’re our top members for last week:

Overview of Statistics from 22 April - May 7:

Total Members 56.5K>>>>>57.5K

Total Posts 405.9K>>>>>433.7K

Viewing Members 10K>>>>>8.7K

Posting Members 1.1K>>>>>1K

Seen an significant increase in members even in the bearish trend in crypto markets =)) Pretty impressive IMO.

Let’s move on to Events for past 2 weeks:

  • Telegram AMA with Flux Protocol [April 25]
    Announcement | Winners

  • Telegram AMA with LiNEAR [April 27]
    Announcement | Winners

  • Discord AMA with Fayyr [April 27]

  • Discord AMA with picipo [May 2]

  • Discord AMA with NEAR P2P [May 6]

Thanks for reading the report!

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