My 10 days immersion as NEAR Community Moderator - Kemal Gökdogan (Kemo)

Hello pioNEARs,

my name is Kemal Gökdogan but most people know me as Kemo. I just finished my 10 day immersion as a Community Moderator and wanted to share this amazing experience with the NEAR community.

In this immersion, which started on the 11th of November, I was able to prove my skills as a Community Moderator, and as a human being.

My daily routine has been to welcome new members and made them familiar with NEAR, but also to make them feel home. I showed them that they can always reach out to us Community Moderators if they have questions. People want to feel safe, I think that’s important when you build a community.

Furthermore, I have checked Reddit contributions to the extent that they comply with the community standards and have approved, or removed them.

In addition, I answered questions or problems of the members on all channels and tried to find a solution as soon as possible.

I really had no idea about how the Community will be or how we will be welcomed by the Community Moderators, but they have exceeded all expectations.

The NEARds @jcatnear, @KriptoRaptor, @Benz_Near, and @stanisnear have welcomed us very well and they helped us out if we had any questions to topics which we weren’t familiar with.

I would also like to share a few ideas and improvements that I noticed during this week:


  1. I noticed that the members of the Discord chat would also like to exchange ideas on other topics. Unfortunately we are not yet offering the members the space to do so. It would therefore make sense to introduce a “Other-Topics” channel, where we can send the community members to if they would like to exchange ideas about other topics besides NEAR.


  1. NEAR doesn’t have an official NEWS channel on Telegram, or I couldn’t find it.

  2. I noticed that we also don’t have a German speaking telegram channel, so I created one: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_DACH

  3. I know from another group that there is a bot that searches words in posts and automatically posts the answer to them. For the most common questions, you could set the bot in such a way that it answer the community member directly with a link for questions about sharding, roadmap, token ecomoics, etc.

  4. I also noticed that the automated post that appears when new members join the group disappears too quickly. In addition, the links that are shown on it are not particularly easy to read as you see on my screenshot. I would recommend restructuring the welcome contribution so that it is clearer and does not have to be appear for every new member, but every 5-10 minutes.

General Recommendations:

  1. People like video explanations, so why not creating “How to do guides/tutorials” for the most asked question or issues which new members have? That would make it easier for people to learn it und for us to onboard new people.

  2. I like the ticket feature on Discord, but I’ve noticed that Telegram members, for example, don’t know we have one or how to open a ticket. Couldn’t we set up an email address that automatically creates tickets and forwards them to Discord? [Just a thought]

That’s it, that was my 10 day immersion at NEAR. :slight_smile:
Thanks to the NEAR team and also to @jessica for giving me this opportunity, and I would be happy to continue support the NEAR team.

The future is NEAR!

Kemal Gökdoğan


Hi! This could be part of the job. Doing this guides/tutorials.

And Hey ! Congrats on your succesful 10 days immersion.

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Oh, that would be really cool. And thank you :vulcan_salute:

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hello Kemal, welcome to Near
thank you sharing your experience in detail

You are an helpful community member. I saw you checking old messages too on the Telegram official chat. I appreciate that effort. :wink:

imo people can use the :speech_balloon:│chat channel and they sometimes do.

we already have a news/announcements channel. It’s on the pinned welcome message for a long time Telegram: Contact @nearprotocolnews

Creating a German Guild and running it is pretty good idea!

I have seen this. sometimes this looks spammy and weakens the interaction between community members. but it may be useful in some topics, we can discuss this further in a call later.

yes it disappears in 10 seconds. and we encourage users to check pinned messages for more as there is much more…
and the welcome message buttons seem quite normal on my devices. on what device are you having this problem can you please mention that?
two months ago we didn’t use the welcome message instead recurring messages. we still use them on occasions. we can set them up anytime we want feel free to DM me about it.
and welcome message has to appear if we are to filter bots by captcha. we have shortened the message and put just 4 buttons (and we track 'em) to make it easier for them to take their first step. feel free to propose another if you have a better idea.

we have some content on most topics (new updates about the protocol, dApps, etc) some guilds are doing it and often sharing them on our telegram too.

But we can think of a way to help new users navigate to them easily. :clap:


Thanks for sharing your experience!

Agreed! Start a Guild on NEAR
Also, coincidentally, I’m speaking with @cizi31 and his friend about their proposal for a NEAR German Guild. You’re welcome to join us or you can keep an eye out here on the forum for the guild introduction post when they’re live :slight_smile:

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ture, but I know from other Discord servers that they have “other-topics” channel, so people can talk about the weather, a football game, or their relationship :sweat_smile:, bc I think what ppl think is that the “main-chat” is for topics related to NEAR in general.

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thank you, it really didn’t show up when I searched for NEAR Announcement channel.

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will check it out and would be happy to create one

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I am using an iPhone XS, so actually it should be normal on my device, since the words aren’t so long.

let me put something together and then I will come back to you with that. :+1:

I have a better Idea: We just put 1 link there which directs the Member to linktree or any other multilink service, where you can create a landing page. From there the user has a better UI and we can offer a ton of more links for the member. and they are also traceable.

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noted, already removed it during weekend bot attack. I will investigate this