Summary of npkguild (near nigeria) activities for year 2021


The first quarter was a very dramatic stage as we were just a newly formed Guild, first in West Africa and Africa as a whole.

During the first quarter we made plans to expand the core team, social media handles, community members and community participation in the Near ecosystem. We hosted a webinar with the crypto community of University of uyo in Nigeria which saw up to 50 people attending the event with atleast 30 near wallets been opened. Around the same time we created 3 contents which were top on Google search in terms of NEARPROTOCOL NIGERIA and several translations were made in Yoruba, hausa and igbo with various graphic designs and Infographs.

Here below was summary of events that took place in first quarter.


During the second quarter we continued with our content creations, translations and increase activities in our social media and telegram community which saw an outstanding increase in more than 200% compared to the First quarter and also we hosted the First Nearprotocol Nigeria telegram AMA.

Here below is a summary of events that took place in second quarter.


Beginning of a major break as we were chosen to host the recently concluded metabuild Hacknode here in kano state Nigeria. This was a major success as we saw 200 people attend both online and virtual and we saw 5 projects which came up as a result of the Hacknode. We also expanded the core team by bringing in another developer and a community manager.


In the last quarter of this year, we decided to show to Nigeria Financial sector the power of NEAR BLOCKCHAIN and benefits of building on NEAR, we also got the guild registered under Nigeria cooperate commission CAC as a legal entity. We also got an office in kano and this is the first time any crypto related platform as a physical presence in the northern part of Nigeria. We had an official launch of the office and rewarded the winners of the kano Hacknode during the office launch. We also hosted a creative content contest and a total of 15N was shared during the event. We have had several meeting with S2 GUILD, C1 guild and Blockchain club of Uganda and plans are on the way to Foster a continental collaboration to push near adoption in Africa.


This is really excellent, and hoping to do even better next year. Go team

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2021 is awesome with lots of experience.
I believe 2022 will be much morethan 2021 towards building NEAR Protocol in Nigeria and Africa

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This is really good. Great job team.

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This is really nice, the team showed enthusiasm and team work throughout 2021, hoping 2022 will be bigger and greater. Good Job Everyone

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Nicee, you’re hitting it hard back to back team🥰 keep up the great work.

I have been following the NEAR Nigeria Guild activities for the last couple of months and I must say that I’m impressed with the progress so far in overall guild activities and community as a whole.

We shouldn’t take our foot off the gas now. Good job, @damboy22 and everyone :slightly_smiling_face: