Community Squad 🤩 we serve and empower the NEAR Ecosystem of Communities

Hello citizens of NEARVerse!

This category is dedicated to official comms and updates from the NEAR community team aka Community Squad :fire:

Our mandate is to create the environment for human potential to thrive in the NEAR ecosystem. We act as connectors, servants and empowerers of humans of NEAR (and sometimes DAOs :robot: ).

Our team is officially called Ecosystem of Communities or EcoCom. Why Eco and why not just Com? Because NEAR is more like a new digitally native nation than a company with just one community. Even the core team(s) building the NEAR blockchain operate as a collective not one single company.

NEAR’s Guild program empowers community builders and leaders to create their own sovereign communities aligned with the mission of building the Open Web. We use tools like DAOs to give superpowers to our communities and guilds. If you want one head out to #community:daos to spin-up your own DAO today using Sputnik, Moloch, … and in future many other types of DAOs.

Current full-time members (employees or contractors of NEAR Collective):

  • @shreyas Shreyas (Hackathons and Guilds guru, veteran community BUIDLer)
  • @3UN1C3 Eunice (PsyOps, Comms, SpecOps on Telegram/WeChat, :dragon: )
  • @jlwaugh James (All things DAOs, transparency maximiser, meta, governance & MOAR)
  • @nima NiMA (team lead, too many meetings, broke Telegram, Twitterer, YOLO funding)

In addition to these full-time team members (as of Jan 2021) we also have support from our DevRel aka :mage:open-sourcerers frens and several 120% Guild leads like @chloethedev.eth & @Ozymandius (CreateBase & 4NTS).

Community Squad/team is also the primary caretaker of Community Fund and coordinates NEAR’s (for now internal) Community Council. We have an initial budget of 5M $NEAR and $1.5M to distribute over 18 months (by Q1 2022). We will share more about ways to get funding in the coming weeks … (:bell: subscribe to this subcategory to get all dem updates!)

You can check out our 2021 (Q1) OKRs here: Airtable - Grid view
It captures the high level objectives of our team, but does not include all our initiatives. :eyes:

We will share more updates in this category on a weekly basis. Hit that :bell: icon to get notified when we post new updates! :fire:


P.S. @3UN1C3 Eunice will be posting metrics, priorities and progress updates here in this category on Tuesdays every week! :pray:


hey Everyone

i hope you all are well and ready for the NEARCON :wink:

Last week I made my first payout proposal on sputnik.
How do I proceed to be paid? I heard that i need votes. How do I do that?

My proposal expires in 6 days and therefore I’d like to finalise this today/tomorrow (before the weekend and NEARCON).

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance and have a beautiful day



Hi, how are you? It is with you that I ask questions on how to create/found a DAO? Could you please send me links to read. Thank you very much