NDC - GWG Weekly Update Post - Dec. 16, 2022

Greetings, NEARians!

Another week has gone by and we’re at mid-December already!

There’s lots happening, including this poll right here that’s in need of your feedback: [Feedback Requested] More Polling - FINAL CALL For Key Variables, and Temperature Check

But let’s hand it over to the Sub Working Group leads to tell us more about what’s been going on this past week, and what’s to come:

@blaze @sarahkornfeld @Cryptonaut @blissshubham @Psalmy @jlwaugh @atrox1382 @Ozymandius @robert
and now also @Matt_Hussey

Catch our previous updates here:


Thank @mecsbecs

Very excited that @Matt_Hussey has joined as the lead for MarComm because we’ll have a wonderful storyteller lead our brand and story development.

This week was busy.


  1. As a reminder, Comms is really “outward” facing communications (Public Relations) with the long-term aim of getting press and business journals to write about the NEAR Governance movement – therefore I’m developing:
  • The press/media list for 2023
  • The language to support the Marcomm effort for storytelling (which is key for community engagement)
  • Interviewing “influencers” in the Blockchain thought leadership space for NDC Radio 2023
  • Meeting with Matt to align on projects needs for Marcom

The End of Year report from Comms will review all the actions and next steps for 2023, though excited for the new year!

Best to everyone!


Thanks @mecsbecs for the opening the weekly report thread.

From the community engagement working group, the FAQs draft will be concluded for the general community review soon. Deadline before the holidays. As @mecsbecs and I have worked it from scratch

The GWG KPI draft will also be available for general community review before the holidays. @Albhion, @mecsbecs and are working on it currently.

Also, the Bounty flow as started by @mecsbecs will be up soon.



Hi Amazing people of Near
It’s an honor to write you today on activities done this week from my end and if I’m missing anything other leads would chime in with more updates

Please feel free to join and follow our official socials and get information and update from us

NCD WG channel on Telegram Telegram: Contact @NDCUpdates
NDC Nearsocial Near Social
NearGov Twitter https://twitter.com/NEARgovernance

Members on main telegram group on the 12th of Dec-» 233

16th of Dec -» 247

New members this week-»14

Information about our weekly calls, attendance and activities are been summarized on wiki by @Drazil

Verisoul Demo-recording-»Verisoul demo thanks to Henry

  • The DAO/Node/Project charter has been shared internally with the Leads for a review.

  • Currently the focus is to deliver the V1 governance. As a part of that working with @jlwaugh to define and streamline the GWG bounty process and fund transfer process.

  • Proposed a tool for community education of NDC & higher engagement through DoDAO. This will help community to get step by step clarity on every relevant document with a better UI/UX than that of a word doc through features like

  1. The ability to add questions which make learning more interactive
  2. Wallet login
  3. The ability to reward with Tokens or NFT(with Project Galaxy)
  4. Discord integration
  5. Adding form fields to capture user’s information.
    Discussed with @mecsbecs. Due to be discussed with the leads and champions in the coming Monday Leads meet for their review.
  • Working on v1 Grants process, by combining the learnings of various in house projects grant proposals like creatives DAO, marketing DAO, mintbase etc. Meeting @Dacha next week to discuss.

From the Community Engagement WG continued:


  • FAQs v1 is live! For all those pesky, burning questions about the GWG, short and sweet answers can be found here.

    • There will be more itierations of this page but if you have any questions that didn’t get answered in this first version, we want to know! Please drop them in the CE Telegram group here.
    • Special mentions to @wonz, @dacha, @AugustKinge for significant edits and suggestions on this.

In Progress:

  • CE WG Bounty Program - led by @Albhion has gone through its first round of internal WG edits and will be presented internally in its new form next week - idea is to have this ready to launch with the other sub working group bounty plans by JAN.

  • Near Social presence is growing: thanks to @jlwaugh we’re on Near Social! Give us a follow and stay tuned for community engagement campaigns coming through this exciting built-on-NEAR social tool!

  • CE KPIs - still on track for an end-of-month publication and thanks to @IgbozeIsrael and @Albhion for the ongoing hard work in leading this project

  • Overview draft (which is necessary for the quiz discussed in last week’s update) to come from @sarahkornfeld — when this is the live, the quiz (s/o to @wonz ) will be able to be circulated in draft form then will go public. Goal is still for the last week of DECEMBER.

  • NEW: I’m leading the elaboration on the behind-the-scenes process for GWG onboarding via specific sub work groups (i.e. CE, Technical, Governance, etc.) - supporting the further development of the existing GWG Onboarding process (as originally published by @Cryptonaut) to further flesh out the ideal flow for how someone goes from signing up to be a part of the GWG → becoming an active member and participant and therefore eligible for bounties. This effort will be made public in tandem with the general GWG bounty info (cc: @jlwaugh @blaze @Cryptonaut) so stay tuned!

  • NEW: updates to the CE thewiki page - to be made public before the end of the month

    Engaging the many sub-communities within the wider NEAR Community is going to be essential for the CE WG, so please indicate your willingness to collaborate by listing your group if it’s not here in this Google Sheet - this will be a rolling item.


In the NDC Tech WG

  • we got Community SBT v0.1 released in testnet: community-sbt-1.i-am-human.testnet
  • working on UI webapp
  • onboarding developers to push more on testing
  • we had few sessions for more diversity in SBT. One of the planning integration for I Am Human is integration with an Machine Learning system to make face & voice mapping.
  • we iterate over the specs (Constitution, governance system) and started working on the “v1” NEAR voting – we are proposing to use NEAR stake weighted voting as a solution to legitimize the Constitution and use it to approve Houses.

Update Legal WG

As you might have noticed the Legal WG does not post weekly updates, there are multiple reasons for this. However we of course intend to keep the community aware of what we are currently doing,.

Trust instrument: We’ve completed internal review of the trust instrument, my thanks to Chris and Marc for their continuous assistance here. Currently the trust instrument is being reviewed by external lawyers both in the US and in Switzerland.

Trustees: We have closed the longlist for trustees, we’d like to thank everyone who has put himself / someone else forward. Now it is up to us to objectively determine a shortlist. In order to get the Community Treasury up and running we need to finalise the trust instrument and that is why we have set the very ambitious goal of having identified the trustees before EOY. This will require a lot of hard work from my side in the coming weeks due to the vetting process we intend to perform and the legal assistance we will need to provide to the potential trustees in this regard.

The Legal WG are “enablers”, we tend to be involved “from a distance” in all ongoing GWG topics to ensure both legal&regulatory compliance and proper risk management. If you are interested in joining and have completed the GWG onboarding process, please reach out to me directly.

William I atrox1382


Hi all,

Updates here incude:

V2 Constitution Draft close to being finalized: NEARverse Constitution Revised (December 15th, 2022) - Google Docs

Executive Summary of Constitution Done: Executive Summary Of The Constitution and Governing Bodies: - Google Docs

Poll Feedback: Compiled, and in the process of being crafted into updated V1.4 version.

Governance Processes Outline: Work in progress → Process Clarification for NDC: - Google Docs

Goal is to have final V1 framework for governance with updated constitution before EOY.