NDC - GWG Weekly Update Post - Dec. 2, 2022

Happy new month from the Governance Working Group - the community-led initiative to define and technically implement governance models for the NDC. The GWG is to design and propose governance models for adoption; it does not directly run, manage, or operate the ecosystem governance or treasury.

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And now, over to our Sub-Working Group leads to provide their update for the past week!

@blaze @jlwaugh @sarahkornfeld @Ozymandius @Cryptonaut @Psalmy / @Albhion @atrox1382

Catch our previous updates here:

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Happy December, all! Last month of the Gregorian calendar year let’s goooo :fire:


  1. Community FAQs v1 internal to GWG - @IgbozeIsrael and I are working on completing and receiving internal feedback on our proposed frequently asked questions page on thewiki for the GWG. The plan is for this to become public by next week.

In Progress:

  1. ADUSTED: Community KPIs for the GWG, which has been broken down into CE and Social KPIs, continues to be led by @IgbozeIsrael and @Albhion. After presentation at the CE meeting on Dec. 1, it was decided that further thought needs to be organized around a potential bounties process for the GWG before the KPIs can be completed. @Albhion will be leading this effort by gathering thoughts around a suggested bounty process in an internal doc, to be circulated by next week.
  • estimated deadline for the bounties process + revised Community KPIs document to be publicly posted before end of month
  1. Community Polling brainstorming is underway - to support content for the GWG’s social media, and eventually Near Social, presence and to get our community talking about decentralized governance concepts - next CE meeting we will check in on what has been brainstormed asynchronously.

    Engaging the many sub-communities within the wider NEAR Community is going to be essential for the CE WG, so please indicate your willingness to collaborate by filling out this Google Sheet - this will be a rolling item.


Thanks for the community report @mecsbecs.


@mecsbecs Thanks much.

Here’s the update on Comms:

COMPLETED (though in final review)

  1. NDC/GWG OVERVIEW – this is the most current description of our process of the GWG and NDC. We’ve been listening to how a clear description of what this movement is all about, therefore, the OVERVIEW is going to be shared as soon as next week – it’s very short, though we hope it is helpful.


  1. END OF THE YEAR REVIEW POLLS – this will be a set of Polls that will be put out that reflect key issues that the GWG is developing that are core to our V1 of voting and other processes. The polls are meant for US to learn from the community what’s top of mind and crucial so that we can be mindful as we proceed into 2023.

  2. We will have a proposal for our “Radio” programming. We already have some interesting thought leaders who want to be a part of the project. More soon.

  3. We’re finalizing an FAQ, Q&A as well as our Social Media programming.

Looking forward to sharing more!


We are growing Bit by Bit … Kudos to our NDC team and Contributors for their effort and contribution towards Near and NDC GWG :heart:


Hello :wave: great Community of Near.
It’s an honor to write to you this day and to build transparency and openness, we’ve decided to drop weekly updates and report in brief on our mission of improving decentralization and governance as we aid for democracy.
Before this report I would love to appreciate those that have find all possible means to sacrifice their time, commitment and have also contributed(feedback, comments and idea) for this project.

If you’ve no idea about the NDC , then check this forum post by @davidnear » About NDC
Call held on Tuesday

Host- @blaze
Presented » Updated WG Slide

An overview video was made for the community to have broader knowledge about the NDC, here’s the workflow representation on Mirro » NDC WorkFlow chart
Call on Thursday

Host- @sarah

Historical context of the NDC movement(docs)

-NDC historical context
Please feel free to make your contribution , comments , concordance and also objection known :point_down:

For as the primary purpose for pragmatic iteration of the governance FW was for community advantage
Feliz Navidad :christmas_tree:in advance Amigo :wink:


Sup all,

→ Documented major assumptions of model.
→ Finalized initial timeframes for elections
→ Outlined basic VO to V1 implementation process.
→ Clarified key questions for closing the loop on the model - specifically centered around checking the TC further.

The V1.3 Document created this past week, can be found here: NDC Governance Framework V1.3 - Google Docs

We are in the process of doing videos for this model, but will wait until these last questions are finalized.



—> assembled product requirements document for the FUND3R pilot program

  • modular DAO system for payment requests / grant applications
  • part of a collaboration with @Gus of NEARWEEK and @sandoche of NF

—> proposed high-level GWG priorities, based on feedback

Now until January
  • recommend potential trustee candidates
  • build consensus around v1 NDC Framework
  • EOY communication: “Roundup”
  • establish functional GWG processes
  • dialogue v1 NDC Technical Specification

—> met with @sarahkornfeld to discuss polling strategy


—> explored DAO standards with NEAR Developer Community Groups

—> discussed possible improvements to GWG processes

  • onboarding ~ Near Social profiles (GWG tags)
  • bounties ~ Coordinape / Astro DAO proposals
  • reporting ~ forum & wiki pages


—> supporting workshops to create a visualization of GWG deliverables

expected: Wednesday, December 7

—> deliver v1 NDC Technical Specification

  • propose launch sequence for implementing the NDC Framework
  • goal: earning trust + adoption by the NEAR community / ecosystem

expected: Friday, December 9

—> coordinate FUND3R pilot program with NEARWEEK

  • documenting requirements of compliant, scalable, transparent payouts from DAOs
  • developing the initial proposal (rough draft)

expected: Friday, December 23

Your help is much appreciated!

Let us know any ideas or questions :ballot_box:


you mentioned having an identity/reputation group in some groupchat. I think this would work well on ways DAO, NEAR.Social, and NFT can work together rather than spinning out separate groups.

Dear community, do not forget that you can find the meeting minutes for the December here: gwg-meeting-minutes-dec-22 | wiki

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