A Synopsis for this Month report As a Mod & GWG update

Today been 28th of January

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Hi I’m @Psalmy a Moderator on the NDC, happy to share the report of the traction and progress of this great project.
And kudos to all the contributors and well wishers on this movement , it’s not easy to build solidarity within a community but we’ve been progressing on this one with consensus and no deadlocks

What I enjoyed doing as a mod

  1. Delete spam and scam messages from intruders couple of time, cause the safety of the community is a top priority

  2. Help with useful link to help assist members to get the right and resourceful information they need

  3. To welcome new members and also direct them on what they find inconvenient

  4. Share meeting and workshop links so people who it might have escaped their mind would be reminded at least 30mins before the call

  5. Join the call and get updates and information

  6. Also contribute, give feedbacks and also comments , since I’m part of the community

  7. Updating pinned messages and shilling NDC group links for new members to join the community

  8. Talk to people and inform them about NDC to create Awareness.

  9. Deleting unpleasant videos, pics and other immoral contents from the group not to inconvenience others.

  10. Make poll and reach out to other communities on $Near to involve in decision making

It was stated that the Community Engagement (CE) and Onboarding New Contributors are on hold for now and would be considered on the 2nd Quarter.

Reasons for this decision is to pay more focus on the deliverables of NDC V0 & V1 Governance……

Also to improve the new system of Engaging the community about NDC through the NDC Academy which would be live at mid February hopefully :pray: for more transparency, check out what the GWG have been up to this month(calls recording ,attendance etc) here​:point_right:GWG updates
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Thanks for reading