NDC-GWG Weekly Updates 6/01/2023

Greetings, NEARians!

Welcome back from the Holiday season. It’s great to be back working on NDC again.
A couple of things have been accomplished and we are here again to present all what happened in the past week.

We hand over to the Sub Working Group leads to tell us more about what’s been going on this past week, and what’s to come:

@blaze @sarahkornfeld @Cryptonaut @blissshubham @Psalmy @jlwaugh @atrox1382 @Ozymandius @robert
and @Matt_Hussey

Follow up with previous updates here:
*[NDC-GWG Weekly Update Post -Dec. 16, 2022]


It’s good to be back on track :face_exhaling:

We’re back in action and we are ready to build and grow let us as a community utilize opportunities on $Near they’re nice project you can engage with let us all have a nice day and keep traction.
Let’s support the NDC movement as a community since it’s a community driven project , we would be needing your contributions
Glad to see y’all.
Big ups :upside_down_face:


Good day mates

Updates on my side:

→ Presented on Gov. Framework with deck presentation here: NEAR Governance Framework: To Freeze - Google Slides

→ Freezing framework Monday, of next week.

→ Ironed out process clarification, including for elections: Process Clarification for NDC: - Google Docs

→ Making content on the above to help market it going forward.

→ Tentatively planning out the product itself including screens, interface, and display features.

NDC rawks


On behalf of @mecsbecs and I, the following are from the CE GWG work group.

Thanks, thanks to everyone

Also, for the coming week, the CE GWG looks to setting the Timeline for Q1 as regarding the V1 Governance framework implementation.


@Ozymandius thanks for the updates.

Was curious what sort of content is it that you’re referring to?

Is it a medium to share the weekly updates or particular content for WGs?

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