NDC - GWG Weekly Update Post - Nov. 18, 2022

Hello NEARians! :wave:t4:

Greetings from the Governance Working Group - the community-driven initiative to define and technically implement governance models for the NDC. The GWG is to design and propose governance models for adoption; it does not directly run, manage, or operate the ecosystem governance or treasury.

For more information on this group’s efforts and about its sub-Working Groups, visit thewiki page here: ndc | wiki

For any of the sub-Working Groups below, you can find their working documents for public review and feedback here:

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And now, over to our sub-Working Group leads to provide their first of many weekly updates!

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Great work done here. We push more


Hi all! Speaking on behalf of the Community Engagement Working Group (CE WG), here is our first update to the broader Community in this Forum:


  1. Values Research - first Community Poll
  • It was important to the CE WG to hear from the Community about what core values should be included in the discussions, and a Forum post + Astro DAO test poll revealed that Community Collaboration & Transparency came in as the top two values we hold.
  • For the CE WG, these values will be of great importance and are why we will be hosting a Twitter Spaces / Ask Us Anything soon.

  1. Version 2.1 of the Community Engagement Documents live on the Forum
  • They continue to be available for Community feedback and edits.
  • Some of the structures and frameworks referenced in these documents are currently being established by our fellow Legal Working Group & Technical Governance Working Group members, and once they are established, we will be able to revisit and finalize these documents.

In Progress:

  1. Community Engagement KPIs - general feedback & edits led by @IgbozeIsrael - next version to be presented by the next CE meeting on Thurs. Nov. 24.

  1. Community Contributor Onboarding Process - clearly outlining how anyone in the NEAR Ecosystem can participate in the overall Governance Working Group and then any of the sub-Working Groups in particular - led by @Cryptonaut and to be posted here ASAP

    Engaging the many sub-communities within the wider NEAR Community is going to be essential for the CE WG, so please indicate your willingness to collaborate by filling out this Google Sheet - this will be a rolling item

  1. Collaborating with the Communications Working Group on our first Twitter Spaces - details to come!

Thanks Rebecca et al!

Excited to be moving forward :smiling_face:

Here is an update from the Technical GWG:


—> explored how and why to conduct polls with on-chain voting processes

  • planned to gather insights about open questions
  • reviewed initial feedback on this document: NDC Voting

—> hosted NDC Function Definition Workshop

—> provided actionable feedback on the NDC Governing Bodies document (courtesy of @Ozymandius)

  • stake-weighted elections for the “House of Merit” could jeopardize Balance of Powers; does it need a reputation system that is not plutocratic?


—> create draft of experimental design and processes for Near Social Gov DAO

  • test identity management systems for community participation, like on-chain voting (signaling proposals) via Near Social / Astro

expected: Wednesday, November 23

—> develop NDC Governing Bodies Technical Specification

  • share v1 product requirements document for implementing the NDC Governance Framework

expected: Friday, December 9

Your help is much appreciated!

Let us know any ideas or questions :ballot_box:


Thanks, here’s an update about Communications:


First Press Release with an update – It’s in final review with legal, and will post when it goes live this week.


1. FIRST AMA/NDC RADIO – We are developing the first three live space events to explore the crucial ideas around governance, the NDC, and the issues crucial to the community. This coming week we will solidify themes, speakers, and dates.

2. POLL DEVELOPMENT – Insights are crucial to the communications process, therefore we will be working with the engagement group to learn from polls. The first poll VALUES RESEARCH will be incorporated into our work.


Hi all, happy sunday.

Little update on the Constitution Working Group.

—> 1. V2 Governance Framework Undergoing Edits and Feedback from original design. The call in the working group is set for Tuesday. Currently also collecting 1 on 1 feedback so if you would like to chat to discuss specifics, feel free to ping me on telegram @ozymandius1

—> 2. Constitution V1 was posted two weeks ago. The V2 will be released once the governance framework V2 has been updated and distributed.

—> 3. Addressing the Variables Question → Focus of coming week is to nail down the key variables of the governance framework – specifically election timeframes, salary for members, terms of governing bodies, meeting timeframes for the governing bodies, etc.

Plan Going Forward:

—> Meet on tuesday and come to consensus on key changes for governance framework.
—> Update Governance Framework based on changes.
—> Update Constitution based on Gov. Framework changes.


Hi Everyone

Last week the [GWG onboarding process document] (GWG - Contributor Onboarding Process - Google Docs) was prepared. It was shared with GWG core group and internals for review and is now open for public review.

Created a Miro board along with @blaze to showcase process visually.

Worked on creating Wiki.Near page for onboarding community members who want to contribute towards NDC

For this week we’ll be working on a tasks mentioned below.

  • TL:DR & Video NEAR Constitution
    The draft fro Near constitution is long and complex which has been one of the biggest roadblocks for community to understand how the proposed NDC V1 framework would work.
    To help solve this, we want to create a video that explains the process.

  • Capture existing contributions
    A lot of work has gone into creating multiple processes, procedures and frameworks since NDC was proposed by Illia 2 months back.
    The issue has been effective communication.
    Our efforts are going to go into streamlining communication and simplifying it for the larger community to be able to participate and understand what is going on.

Note - If you want to join NDC as a a contributor, please follow the link shared.


Hello guys

I’m Boma Samuel known as “psalm” popularly on social media’s , and a moderator/admin on the NDC group on telegram and also on discord.

As a moderator/admin my responsibility were

  1. Delete spam and scam messages from intruders
  2. Help with useful link to help assist members to get the right and resourceful information they need
  3. To welcome new members and also direct them
  4. Share meeting and workshop links so people who it might have escaped their mind would be reminded at least 30mins before the call
  5. Join the call and get updates
  6. Also contribute, give feedbacks and also comments , since I’m part of the community
  7. Updating pinned messages and shilling NDC group links for new members to join the community

Meetings & Calls held by the NDC

Defined WG Date Time Link to meeting
Lead & Champion Mondays 4pm UTC
WG , update Tuesday 4pm utc Redirect Notice
Community Engagement WG Thursday’s 4pm utc https://us05web.zoom.us/j/86342101082?pwd=Yk93S3p3eDZNeC85YVB0VUVCdklBUT09

Would be starting a daily summary update on what was done or discussed about via NDC base.

Starting the report from the 14th of November 2022 which was on a Monday
Meanwhile before then, Ozymanduis had dropped the draft of the NDC Governance Framework V2 on sun 13th of Nov for review, contribution and comment on the NDC constitution WG & Leads group :ok_hand:

Link [https://docs.google.com/document/d/10vPtH1fSezsIXveIa03tUHsoqsZmsvXLMqHPWJZlbTM/edit#]

On the 14th of Nov blaze made it clear that NF doesn’t influence the NDC rather help support the treasury with fundings , on the lead group, Nov 22nd was the agreed date for the GWG draft release by the press for community publication . As recorded by “blaze “ we’ve 5+ draft docs with 20+ comments from the community.

Now we’re in between choosing the right voting process.

For fair decentralized voting systems, we would either work with

  1. Filling of form
  2. Nearsocial( NFT badges to determine reputation) later on iterate on PoH » PoUH » PoUAH
  3. Kyc process

For identity management. (In progress)

The CE WG , Planning on building engagement and awareness about NDC by

  • hosting AMA’s on twitter to start engaging our twitter
  • Posting updates about NDC
  • Retweet/ Quote tweets on $Near related posts
  • Making polls

With this we are increasing awareness, engaging the community on twitter, providing more info about NDC to openly, for transparency sake and wider understanding about the NDC.
community WG updates for NOV 15th» [Nov_15_2022 Community Working Group Update - Google Slides]
Thanks :pray: and big ups