[Approved] NEAR Venezuela - 2020 Contributions

Happy NEAR Year everyone ! :star_struck:

We are going to start the upcoming year with new and even better vibes :blush:

Hereby, based on the guild payouts and funding around the community, we decided to have a payment for the Guild tasks done in October, November, and December as the following:

  1. Myself: New Guild Leader and Guild Advisor. Translator and developer of the research part of projects within the Near Venezuela team as well as support in the execution and translation of Near Venezuela projects, and Council on our DAO (Los Palmeros, Cryptobeer, soon NEARMun y P2P DEX Crypto vs NEAR, and others) (Oct, Nov, Dec $2500)

  2. @FritzWorm Founder and advisor to the Guild, Council on our DAO, General Manager, Meetings organizer, Vector, and Outreach. Onboarding of new members. (Oct, Nov, Dec $800)

  3. @Jloc : Council on our DAO, advisor, Acting as a guide for new developers from Venezuela (Oct, Nov, Dec $600)

  4. @Nicolasp2 Council on our DAO, Writer and Content Generator as well as Guild Advisor. He specializes in the area of writing, social media management, and generation of written and infographic content. (Oct, Nov, Dec $400)

  5. @yehosua.near Designer, video editor, cameraman, CM, and publicist as well as a specialist in the guild’s marketing area. (Oct, Nov, Dec $400)

  6. @Arturoahs Council on our DAO, Coordinator of the branches in the interior of Venezuela (cities like Valencia, Maracay, etc.) and counselor of the guild. Specialist in legal issues in Venezuela ($400 for Nov and Dec)

  7. @Mineriavirtual Specialist in the area of management of Social Media, CM of the different projects of the guild as well as specialist of trading content in different platforms and exchanges (Dec $200)

We just welcomed a new member that is already taking care of the Discord Server and will focus on that from now.

  • @user1 Moderator/Admin of Discord server ($300 USD for January)

The full report with the tasks done in the previous month here:

We thank you for the funding of different projects that we have been managing in the previous months and we will thank you to be paid for the tasks that we have been delivered without any reward.

For this, with regular check-ins along the way, we ask for support on our tasks and Guild’s activities and community-building efforts.

That’s being said, we will appreciate being advised on which DAO we should submit the payout of: USD $5600 or 560 NEAR (Near at $10 now)


That should be the Ecosystem DAO: Astro

In the future, see: [GUIDE] Guilds, DAOs, DAO Verticals - what does it all mean? for the various DAO verticals that you can submit proposals to.


Thanks @simeon4real :relaxed: for your guide

@LuisAponte99 I edited your post, added an hyperlink to the reports: #near-venezuela

by @Maiker Near Venezuela member


Hehehe nice GIf u shared on my OWS post ! I am waiting for gifty to update my Yoda Gif xD I will use that a lot here.

Simeon I remember, can we update the near.org/guilds webpage with the new Discord Server of Near Venezuela ?

Hey @jiten123321 as u are now somehow part of Near Venezuela :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is good to tag you here



Hey guys, following the advice from @jiten123321, I will tag you here, waiting for further instructions.


Have a nice day

Luis Aponte


Let’s explain further, we start working since the Hackathon on May 2021 and we have been building the NEAR community and ecosystem.

Previous funding received:

$600 → Youtube Channel Content Creation

  • @yehosua.near we are expecting new videos about using dapps like Metapool
  • @user1 we are expecting you to upload a video from our last Guild Discord Meeting
  • @Nicolasp2 you also hosted a meeting will love to see it there
  • @Arturoahs the interviews you made can be uploaded also

$4000 → Crypto Beer

  • @ArianaVictoriaMoreno awesome work with the Cafe Racer Bar, they are going to keep receiving NEAR, one of the owners attended the meeting @Nicolasp2 hosted and was very excited with the results and give us a nice feedback. Could be nice if you can ask them to put on their description → Accepting Crypto NEAR payments or similar, let’s think about it

  • This project is still running, and will be for ever I hope, self sustainable by its own company

$4000 → Palmeros de Chacao

  • @Tibyparedes is leading it, right now it is on reestructuration to solve the social media impact, and we can say that we were succesful in achieving that a Cultural Human Heritage Organizations used AstroDAO and will receive there the funding from any other fundation in the future.

$5000 → NEAR MUN

Pic showing the DAO funds on USDT

We have beeing using each project funding only for the project, and the extra funding is safe with the NEAR VENEZUELA DAO with an amount of 240 N that are meant to be a backup right now.

There are Guild activities that are not part of the projects, for example:

Discord Server Moderation / Admin
Web page creation and management
Telegram Moderation (@Arturoahs is receiving $100 from OWS but it is time to be independent)
Twitter management (This work is shared too and we are also receiving $100 from OWS, but it is time to be independent)

There are more tasks were we have not beeing rewarded here or even we do without record it, what is for sure is that all this team @Jloc and myself builded is full of top professionals that can contribute more than just for the $300 limit on the OWS. They have been working several months with us, and they have been helping to build community and with the growth of the ecosystem with several dapps development too like 4myFuture, NEAR P2P, blockjobs, and we just get 2 more DiR approved for a total of 5 dapp projects running right now.

I will tag @Sofia_Alum because we have this issue on how to make Sandboxers Tier 1 leave the Sandbox to be part of a Guild or Project


Hey Luis,

Did you have a call with our Guilds team recently?

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Hi @David_NEAR

My Guild Ops contact is Jiten, I had a call with him a couple of days and followed his advice on tagging the right categories and tags.

What should I do now?

Luis Aponte


Maybe you can ask more help from: @Jessica @mecsbecs and @simeon4real

Even @shreyas :vulcan_salute:

Cheers everyone :beers: :wink:

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We should (awaiting confirmation) be able to move forward with funding this now you’ve caught up with Jess.

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!


Hi @David_NEAR

Thanks for the clarification and we will be waiting for your further instructions.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Hello David, I mistakenly follow the step 2 on the New Process Community Payouts, and should have read all first, the Step 3 is quite clear, that it is a Poll what I should had submitted after approval has been granted implicitly .

Please kindly review this proposal. We have a lot ahead: [Application] Near Venezuela -> Tiering System

@Grace @zana @David_NEAR @jlwaugh