[Launched] Wild User Interviews (WUI) Podcast

We are thrilled to announce that after a few weeks of prep world the Wild User Interviews (WUI) Podcast has finally launched! (Original gov forum post)

WUI Podcast is a show about People, Product and Crypto aiming to provide ‘insightful entertainment’ through open-ended conversations that explore the human side of the creative problem solvers @ NEAR. An easy to digest, enjoyable content to reach the masses.

Live Episodes

First two episodes are live now:

  • Ep. 001 - Ollie Chapman, Product Manager & Founder @ Appa Labs (pfp NFT project coming to Near Mainnet soon)
  • Ep. 002 - Rin ‘Rimberkack’, Near Community legend actively involved with several projects including, but not limited to, the Degens, Ref Finance, and Open Forest Protocol (OFP).

Upcoming Episodes

We have recorded and are in the process of editing three more interviews which will be released very soon!

  • Ep. 003 - Shreyas N. Kutty, Community @ NEAR [Release: Wednesday, Sept 1st]
  • Ep. 004 - Ryan Finlay: Active Community Member, BUIDLr [Release: Sunday, Sept 5th]
  • Ep. 005 - Corwin Harrell, Shadowy Super Designer @ NEAR [Release: Wednesday, Sept 8th]

Guest Requests

We are (always) in the process of scheduling more interviews with interesting people working on interesting things!

If you or anyone you know would like to be a guest, leave a comment on this thread or message me (AVB) directly :slight_smile:


Podcast is available on all the major Podcasting platforms, and then some! Subscribe on your preferred one using the following links:


WUI Podcast is currently produced by and funded through the Silicon Craftsmen Guild’s current budget.

  • Each episode has taken an average of 6 hours (scheduling, planning, recording, post-production editing, promoting).
  • Basic tooling and costs affiliated with them:
    ** Descript, video editing ($15pm)
    ** Zencastr, recording interviews ($13)
    ** Transistor.fm, podcast hosting and distribution ($19pm)
    ** Blue Yeti Microphone + USB Adapter ($200 once off)

Note on Cover Art

The Cover Art was sourced from a successful collaboration with OWS where community members submitted and voted on amazing designs.

Top three submissions were paid out. While we honoured the 1st prize winner, I decided to ultimately use the 2nd prize winner artwork for personal reasons (prefer not to have my face on the artwork).

I acknowledge that this should’ve been made clear earlier in the submission guidelines. This will be taken into account to avoid confusion and disappointment in any subsequent competitions.

Follow Us

Twitter - @wuipod
Instagram - @wuipod [Content Coming Soon]

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you guys have my support! Love the first 2 episodes :rofl:

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Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement!

It’s always hard to get started on something new - it truly feels me with joy that you are enjoying these earlier episodes, I promise that they are only going to get better from here :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

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