[APPROVED] Wild User Interviews Podcast - Q4 + January 2023

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Hello Friends,

This is a proposal for partial retroactive funding for Q4 and the remainder of January 2023 for the Wild User Interviews Podcast. We continued producing and publishing content even as Marketing DAO went into review, then I [as a current Council member] prioritised clearing the backlog and proposals from other community proposals prior to submitting my own.

Wuipod Wat? Overview
The Wild User Interviews Podcast is one of the OG Media outlets on NEAR. Dating back to 2021. Long-from, open ended format enables us to get to the human side of our guests - we go beyond the standard talking points about their project. We have also always had a strong focus on Product, User Experience and in general, dissecting how we get to mass adoption.

Internally, we measure the success of the podcast by the amount of inbound requests we receive and the quality of guests we are able to source (outbound). These two seem to capture brand recognition and reach in ways that analytics sometimes struggle with.

We have also started tracking engagement with Comms around podcast releases, see Airtable Form.

The format we are developing here is:

  • Teaser Tweet about Episode
  • Announcement Tweet
  • Two or three short clips promoting Episode
  • Mentions and Retweets by relevant teams/people

Impact on Ecosystem
Wuipod has been working for over a year to build a strong brand that:

  • Promotes and amplify the NEAR ecosystem in an entertaining, easy to consume way
  • Create a valuable distribution channel within NEAR ecosystem, reducing reliance on mainstream media outlets
  • Gives visibility to projects on NEAR, elevates founders and builders and thought leaders
  • Community builder. Core aspect of community is a shared culture. We are capturing the history and development of NEAR directly from OGs in the trenches in a way that can be listened to by anyone at anytime, adding to the sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Budget of US$600 per Episode, which includes:

  • Sourcing and Scheduling Guests (active management)
  • Researching Guests and Topic, Notes + Agenda (up to 2 hours)
  • Recording Podcast (up to 2 hours)
  • Editing Podcast (~4 hours, up to 6)
  • Distribution (Social media posts, DMing relevant parties for amplification)
  • Promotion (Clips)

This proposal is for episodes 26-35 (10 Episodes in total). The following episodes have already been released:

Three remaining episodes for this proposal and expected to be published throughout January. We aim for one podcast per week release schedule.

Looking forward to answering questions from the community, and if you haven’t already, would definitely recommend you give the podcast a listen :smiley:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • As a sitting member of the Marketing DAO Council, I will be abstaining from voting on this proposal
  • Other Council members have appeared as guests in the past or have expressed interest in being a guest in the future
  • Previous funded proposals: Alpha Leaks w AVB Youtube in September, Monthly Marketing DAO Remuneration

Thank you for a great job! Happy to support you!!


@satojandro good to see this project continuing to document the people who actively participate in the NEAR community. I have watched past interviews and always find them interesting.

Happy to support… keep up the good work!


@satojandro fully support the proposal.

Love to explore ways I could collab on the short clips and content side for the podcast.

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Thanks for your support Sir!

Great to see community members dropping by the forum, contributing to discussions around proposals, and eagerly looking for ways to collaborate :mechanical_arm:

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Thanks for the proposal @satojandro – your content is consistently high-quality, consistent, useful to the community and accurate in its contents. The show not only elevates your own platform, but also elevates and increases authority for your guests and the ecosystem in general. I also note the amount of additional promotional work, content creation and general ecosystem participation you do for no remuneration.

Happy to support this. I am moving this to approved.

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