[Approved] Wild User Interviews Podcast March + April 2023

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Hello friends,

Wuipod is off to a STRONG start this year! We are definitely seeing the benefits of longevity and consistency (even though we have not been as consistent as we’d like). With each guest, the audience of the podcast expands and aggregates in a nice flywheel for growth: larger brand recognition, growing audience, better access to speakers, more demand from projects looking for a platform to communicate their message, etc.

Wuipod Wat? Overview (For the uninitiated)
The Wild User Interviews Podcast is one of the OG Media outlets on NEAR. Dating back to 2021. Long-from, open ended format enables us to get to the human side of our guests - we go beyond the standard talking points about their project. We have also always had a strong focus on Product, User Experience and in general, dissecting how we get to mass adoption.

Budget of US$800 per Episode, which includes:

  • Sourcing and Scheduling Guests (active management)
  • Researching Guests and Topic, Notes + Agenda (up to 2 hours)
  • Recording Podcast (up to 2 hours)
  • Editing Podcast (~4 hours, up to 6)
  • Distribution (Social media posts, DMing relevant parties for amplification)
  • Promotion (Clips) - we’ve started engaging freelancers to create these. Will be covering backlog of previous episodes which have already been funded for this too.

Proposal is for 7 episodes in total (US$800 x 7 = US$5600 in total) that include three episodes for March (already published, see below) and four episodes scheduled for April:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • As a sitting member of the Marketing DAO Council, I will be abstaining from voting on this proposal
  • Other Council members have appeared as guests in the past or have expressed interest in being a guest in the future
  • Previous funded proposals: Alpha Leaks w AVB Youtube in September, Monthly Marketing DAO Remuneration

I think your content is fresh, relevant, and unique vs other podcasts purely focused on tech / product.

I think it is a very good way to complement the existing podcast / YT video offer out there and give another angle to NEAR builders and community members.



Hi @satojandro
I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts and the depth of the material continues to improve. Keep it up.

You have my approval.


Hi @satojandro thanks for the proposal. Yours is one of the longest-running media initiatives in the ecosystem, and you consistently work to create high-quality, in-depth shows that build connection in the ecosystem.

You also maintain an active social media presence and promote your content with an authentic and unique voice.

Curious if you’re editing your own shows? If yes, you might consider outsourcing that : ) so that you can get through the production process faster.

Happy to support.


@satojandro thank you for a great job
and your hard work for the community during the past three years.
We need more enthusiasts in Ecosystem like you.