[Report] Wild User Interviews Podcast June & July 2023

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Hello friends,

Proud to present the report for the last Wuipod proposal.

For starters, friendly reminder that while proposals are bundled per month, I only get paid per actual piece of content delivered. This means that there were no proposals for the month of August as I was still working my way through the content approved and funded by MDAO for July. The reason for the delays varies - it only takes a couple of guests to become sick or ask to reschedule for personal reasons for the schedule to be thrown out of whack. However, at Wuipod we put quality of podcasts over everything and we’d rather give up income for a month but ensure we are still getting the top tier guests in the best setting possible.

In general, the podcast continues to grow, both in reach and in impact, which is extremely exciting and rewarding. Some of the things we measure:

  1. Sheer number of followers and downloads. Using shard.dog link had a massive impact in almost doubling the Youtube following (huge milestone considering most of the downloads are audio only).
  2. Mentions on social media - solid proxy metric for the impact that the content is having on listeners and shaping conversation. We track these mentions on this airtable.
  3. Ability to get top tier guests
  4. Incoming requests from projects and guests to come on the podcats (incredible pipeline of guests coming up!)
  5. Direct feedback from key ecosystem people (founders, NF, et al)

Below are a list of the eight podcasts produced under the last grant, as well as a few dot points that highlight how they contribute towards the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were recently announced by MDAO to be the focus going forward.

  1. Part of the ‘Get to Know the Trustees Series’. An initiative by Wuipod to provide a platform to all Community Trustees to increase confidence and understanding from community in NDC. Additionally, Alina as been leading one of the early teams responsible for building many core infra on NEAR. Very insightful and inspiring for builders.
  1. Podcast recorded LIVE in Seoul (I assumed all travel expenses) with one of the organisers of ETH Seoul. A podcast dedicated to builders, breaking down what makes Korea unique and the incredible growth and potential NEAR has in the region, many insights into building and growing local communities. Agwn went on to create a proposal on Dev Hub to create more education content on NEAR + hackathon series.
  1. Data Didier! This podcast is all about Product - from Product Manager at REF to becoming the founder of Pikespeak. This podcast highlights an ecosystem project and a pathway for many others to begin their building. This podcast is now also being used to promote of Didier’s platform to run for Transparency commission.
  1. Podcast all things NDC. We went deep and hard explaining the history about governance on NEAR, the reasoning behind some of the decisions being made at NDC, the structure of proposed governance, and many issues that have become more and more relevant such as criteria for voters, how to attract and retain best talent, fair remuneration, and more.
  1. Incredible conversation with Chief Product Officer at Pagoda. Handpicked by Illia upon his return as CEO, Alex shares a lot of insights into the challenges to date, the vision of where we are going, dives deep into the technology in a way that is inspiring and extremely useful for builders. Alex has also included the link to this podcast as part of his nomination to Council of Advisors.
  1. Also part of the Get to Know the Trustees series. Carolin also provides a lot of insight into the Mintbase history, their grants program, and uses the wuipod platform to promote and give visibility to several grantees working on exciting stuff. Great resource for builders interested in next round of funding from Mintbase.
  1. Technically this podcast is about the NDC. Building on the momentum of Joe’s tweet, this podcast unpacks A LOT of things that were clearly resonating very strongly with the community. I do not believe it is a coincidence that within hours of Joe’s tweet and releasing this podcast, Illia was back on chats providing his feedback (aligned with much of what was said on pod) and NF turned grassroots funding back on.
  1. This podcast showcases Plug, one of the most prolific technical contributors we have in the ecosystem. We unpack many things BOS, including topics such as how to recruit technical talent, grow regional communities, and his upcoming platform for NDC. Soon after the release of the podcast Plug announced his formal candidacy and the pod has been a great avenue to promote it.

As part of our ongoing commitment to give visibility to founders and to inspire others to build great things, we are proud community partners of BOS HACKS.

In short - the pod is gaining momentum. We are grateful for all the support we have received, and remain strongly aligned with the KPIs.



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