[Launch] Hakuna Matata:A social token for Friends, Fun and Fortune

Hakuna Matata (HAK) is a social token.

Hakuna Matata‘s mission is to be social money of ‘decentralized Disney’, Max Total Supply is 21 minion.

Hakuna Matata Coin(HAK) is the smallest unit of Hakuna Matata, which is equivalent to the ratio between Satoshi and Bitcoin, 1 Hakuna Matata = 100,000,000 HAK.

Burning 100 million HAK can mint 1 Hakuna Matata on Ethereum.

The HAK contract deployed both on NEAR protocol and BSC.

Holding HAK, you will be accompanied by Timon and Pumbaa like Simba, the world will be Hakuna Matata……Hakuna Matata……Hakuna Matata.

Token ID: hak.tkn.near

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hakisnear

Website: Mission - Hakuna Matata


nice working !!!

Fun idea @jack ! If you’d like to submit for a bounty for Ideation, you can propose here: https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/?#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near

Curious to hear more about what you plan to build.


Thx for submitting a proposal for Ideation - what are you thinking you’ll build out first? I’d love to learn more about your plan!

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hi @enidavis thanks.

There will be Hakuna Matata’s white paper and Hakuna Matata Roadmap.

in The next week :

1, Create HAK DAO ,which will Control all the HAK in the reserve and Announce the HAK DAO temporary council member from NEAR community.

2, Review the airdrops

3, Announce the Hakuna Matata Roadmap and Liquidity funding


Love the idea of a Hakuna Matata token!!! Have you thought about the idea of sending the token out to folks when they worry less? Would love to see a social incentive for “No worries for the rest of your days” :grinning:

Also it might be good to use less copywrited materials from Disney. Unfortunately if this becomes incredibly successful (which I hope it will) it may raise legal concerns.

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hi @JackMcDermott it is a great idea of a social incentive for “No worries for the rest of your days”

Yes, there will be some legal concerns, but HAK DAO is the non-legal but crypto entity, It will be decentralized as Ethereum protocol, and the HAK community can help Disney but not damage the interests of Disney.

I’d like to understand how you’re building out your community. Who are community members, what unites them, etc. Are they authentic/organic? I think this will need to be a key element to address with your project. We see more success when the value of a community leads the token, rather than a token being the reason a community forms. And then, specifically, what are you building to strengthen that community, help with onboarding, etc.

thanks @enidavis Hakuna Matata token (HAK) is A social token for Friends, Fun, fortune.

  1. Everyone is building HAK and it is a community-led project.
  2. People who agree with the philosophy of HAK are members.
  3. The pursuit of friends, happiness and wealth, as well as the yearning for the encrypted world, unites the HAK community.
  4. The value proposition of HAK is to bring friends and happiness to the HAK holders.
  5. The ecological infrastructure of the near protocol is not friendly to the HAK community right now. For example, the wallet cannot transfer tokens. Looking forward to sputnik dao V2 and ref2.0.
  6. The Near Protocol is the birthplace and base of HAK. At the same time, we are evaluating HAK to find other options to make HAK a multi-chain community.
  7. HAK has no economic value; it is a governance token used to oversee the DeFi ecosystem. It has no claim on financial rights.

why HAK

Backed by jusDAO, connecting with the DeFi community, creating financial freedom, and defining the future of crypto lifestyle.

hi @jack jack, 1% airdrops will be locked for 1 month, 1 year or not?
1% of supply is big. I think need to lock it
Do you have a plan to build communities in a particular countries? for examle in Vietnam.
btw I want telegram group ^^

We are designing a fairer and more autonomous economic model, there may be lots of DAOs on Sputnik DAO V2 for distribution of HAK and airdrops.

HAK lockup arrangement is under consideration @skywardfinance fungible token lockup contract :

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cool, hope we can build a strong community for HAK & NEAR like BNB & DOGECOIN


it is on the way,