[Proposal] Build Decentralized Disney with @NearHak on NEAR protocol

According to the mission of Hakuna Matata Guild, NearHak was created to do it and make it happen.

The total supply of NearHak NFT is 2100, all of which are the founders of decentralized Disney.

DAO to earn

Anyone who holds 3 NearHak NFTs (1 Profession NFT+1 Season NFT + 1Mood NFT) can form a DAO.

Holders of NearHak NFT can join different professional DAOs.

DAO will receive $HAK rewards and distribute among members.

DAO to build

Decentralized Disney, a metaverse created on the NEAR protocol, fully open and owned by a DAO, not a commercial entity.

2100 founders can transfer NearHak NFT to allow other people with artistic talent to participate. You can also use NearHak NFT as an investment to cooperate with various artists to form a DAO to participate in the building.

Road map of DAO

The roadmap the Decentralized Disney DAO will be launched by the NearHak community and voted on by HAK holders.

DAO will be responsible for financing and fiscal policy.



Sounds awesome. Are you guys looking for funding for this?

Which platform are you going to use to build the metaverse? Or will it be something unique?

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Looking for the founders of decentralized Disney:)
Build# on NEAR protocol

Thats great. why not create an discord community and hava a discuss.

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Create a DAO to launch “Build Decentralized Disney with @NearHak on NEAR protocol road map” here is discord

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