Hakuna Matata Guild Introduction

Guild name: Hakuna Matata
Guild Leader(s): [@jack]
Guild DAO Address: GUILD DAO
Guild Location: International

Guild Details: Community of Hakuna Matata Arts creators and NFTs holders based on NEAR Protocol

Hakuna Matata?

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili language phrase from East Africa, meaning “no trouble” or “no worries” and “take it easy” .

In 1994, Walt Disney Co. used Hakuna Matata in its blockbuster movie “The Lion King.”

Today, Meerkat from NEAR community created Hakuna Matata as a social money for all of the world.

Mission of our guild :

The crypto ecosystem is on the eve of the Cambrian explosion.

Near protocol integrated DAOs and NFTs into the crypto ecosystem Overcome the limitations of the DeFi Legos in the Ethereum network, with high-speed, low transaction fee and climate-neutral.

we want to give a best practice to help creators, community leaders and users to onboard Near protocol ecosystem.

Main goals of our guild :

  1. Bring user from crypto communities and non-crypto communities by airdrop HAK, Experience the NEAR infrastructure capabilities, DAO governance, NFT collection and DeFi, swap, staking, farming etc.
  2. Connect Artists, Musicians, Short movie makers and all those interested in the Hakuna Matata Arts, enjoying breathing new life into their adventures.
  3. Empower people benefit from ‘decentralized Disney’, take back the culture and art ownership from commercial institutions.

we are ready:

  1. Social media – twitter
  2. Hakuna Matata light white paper [link]
  3. Social token of Hakuna Matata [link]
  4. Airdrop HAK to both NEAR and Ethereum communities [link]
  5. Hakuna Matata NFTs collection store [link]

What’s next from our Guild?:

  1. Launch Hakuna Matata NFT
  2. HAK farming on Proof of works

KPI will be based on the following metrics:

  1. Total number of users participating in DAO, NFTs and DeFi
  2. NFTs Created amount and TTV (total transaction value)

HAK Airdrop:

1000 creators and 100,000 users

HAK Funding:

grants from HAK DAO.

Social Media:

Twitter: Hakuna Matata


Welcome, Hakuna Matata Guild! Excited to see what you do next.


The Hakuna Matata Guild DAO and HAK DAO has been set up.

finished the KCL fund raise.

All the uncirculated HAK (on NEAR protocol) handed over to the DAOs.


Very good,I think it’s great.