[Bounty closed] Logo Design for Near HAK $50 USD in NEAR for 1 winner+ 5billion $HAK per participant

There is a bounty for the creation of a logo for Near HAK brand.

$HAK is the token of Hakuna Matata listed on REF

NEAR HAK is the creator of $HAK, governed by jusdao.NEAR HAK NFTs https://paras.id/collection/nearhak-by-jusdaonear

About Hakuna Matata :Hakuna Matata Guild Introduction

The logo should be font-based and fit into a square or circle easily. I’ll share below what I’ve previously (and currently) used.

Example above is just reference so I want you to be a bit more creative with your idea!

  • 1 winner get 50 USD in NEAR +1 billion HAK

  • other submitters share 4 billion $HAK equally

Drop questions and works in the comments!

Submission deadline: 2022 January 3


Hello, this $50 are only for the winner ? How would you choose the winner ?


Im Interested :heart::heart::heart:

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  • 1 winner get 50 USD in NEAR +1 billion HAK
  • other submitters share 4 billion $HAK equally

Count me in I am interested to Participate :rocket::rocket:

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When is the deadline?

Submission deadline: 2022 January 3


The text in the blue background should be included on the Logo or Just The nearhak ? :relaxed:

I used A Hand Drawn Font for The NearHak Word and Added the 3d Near logo on Top of It.
And Also Adding The 3 lead Role Of Hakuna Matata Phumba Timon and Simba (silhoutte)
A Gold Color representing Its Value To The Community. All Of It is A png except for The Background i add at the Back . But if you would Like my Entry and you have a desired Background color or style I can Draw it as you wish :relaxed:

I also wondering the Logo you gave as an example is Near Hack. And the Text in the caption is Near Hak brand. I got confused :relaxed: @jack

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Well well… considering my family were refugees kicked out of Uganda (east africa), I am REQUIRED to submit at least one idea… :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, so did a bit of digging around your links then was wondering whats the animal in your current logo. Found out is the meerkat and started looking around for symbolism. I think it’s the perfect animal to use for it’s meaning

However, it’s not the right choice as per Wikipedia it’s more popular in south Africa. It’s also doesn’t resonate for me personally (though I guess your target audience is Africa? I’m in Canada).

I might go with the Maasai as they are more iconic from “Gods must be crazy” and they speak Swahili. Maasai, however, don’t really represent friendship or kinship, at least not immediately to my mind anyways. When I think of Maasai, I think of warriors, runners, etc.

If I had to pick one African animal that represents kindness, social bonds, and kinship, it’s the elephant.

So were I in charge of the brand, I would probably go with that.

I will submit something soon.


creative with your idea :slight_smile:


Thank You Jack❤️ is it possible to submit 1 design or sample or i can try again for another idea?

OK, Unfortunately, I can’t spend any more time on this. But I came up with this.

Also, some context and my process: I often start searching for iconic imagery at freepik and vecteezy. Sometimes, I find something that’s perfect and given the small client budget (in this case it’s a comp), I usually go with a premade graphic and then tweak my idea in. That’s what I did here. Source: https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/643250-elephants-flat-icons

There were some others I wanted to try that I thought could also work here:

Initially, I looked at “elephant polygon” but I feel like that visual doesn’t scream “approachable” to me. Polygon, although really great for logo, is too “techy” for this project.

Searching for “elephant cartoon logo” also was too childish and would turn some people off although would convey easy and approachable.

I chose this image that I used in the logo because it stood out (one of my logo requirements) and I could drop in the NEAR logo.

I’m not too happy with the font, but it’s something I whipped up quickly using Photopea. I might go with something easier on the eyes like High Thin LIGHT Font | weknow | FontSpace or Parsley Path Thin Font | HENRIavecunK | FontSpace

But I would want to see first as the font type and visual has to match (hard to describe… it’s just a feeling).

Anyways, heres the source PSD: Zippyshare.com - elephants.psd

Good luck on your project!

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how can i parcitipate? i´m interested

Yes, welcome, please submit your work.

BTW, every participant ( Joined gov.near.org before 28/12 2021) will get 1 billion $HAK ( aurora Hakuna Matata, token contract on Aurora:0x069a4D8Ed76683511d2C7607DeECF29AD488965A) please attach your Aurora wallet address, such as 0x****

You can just post/share your logo idea Kearteaga

Hi here is my Aurora wallet:


My Logo :


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