[July 2021] the Minting Music Project Opportunity: Help us to create the Library of educational resources

We are happy to introduce a new fascinating collaboration opportunity with Minting Music. The project needs collaborators who can work together on content creation for the Library of educational resources.

Are you ready to contribute to this original project?
Let us know by reaching out to me or @Sofia_Alum and start chat on the Discord channel.


Curating a library of educational resources and content to use and disseminate in the form of social media posts, stories, memes, blogs, long-form articles and events via digital art displays. ie) festivals, educational panels, shows, galleries, etc.)

The most immediate goal is to facilitate learning content and networking events to educate artists (musicians particular), industry members and their audiences on how to navigate, operate and create a blockchain ecosystem for their brand or business. Ultimately, we would like to create an organized A-Z tutorial guide that takes users from the very beginning of their journey through blockchain, crypto and NFTS’s.

This would be a Cool Example of something that could be displayed digitally at a live event and take viewers step-by-step or station to station as something visually captivating and educational.

This project includes two collaboration opportunities. Check them out below:

  1. MEMES are gold and prime for sharing.

  2. Topics for Content:

What is blockchain?/What is Web3 and what does that mean for the average consumer?/What does that mean for artists?/What is NEAR?/What is an NFT?/ What opportunities do they provide?/How to easily maneuver throughout the NEAR ecosystem?/What is NEAR’s environmental impact?/What are some misnomers, myths or misinformation about nft’s, crypto, and blockchain/ What does the future of blockchain look like?/ What are smart contracts and how do they improve the efficiency of royalty payouts and splits for musicians?/

How can musicians educate their fans and following on blockchain and crypto/nft’s?/ What does the future of events look like with the emergence of blockchain, crypto and NFT’s?/ Ticketing/Marketplaces/ Rewards and Loyalty Programs/ Doing consumer journeys and breaking down the different journeys on the blockchain depending on what kind of archetype that consumer fits.


Minting music is waiting for Sandboxers with writing experience.

To start DM me on the Forum or via Discord nastique#5490


For more information everyone can reach out to me, @mecsbecs and @rhymetaylor as well :slight_smile: