OWS Fund Request [August]

This is the OWS Request for 4150N monthly budget for August.

The OWS is requesting 4150N for August which includes 4000N baseline and extra 150 for the moderator @videvidts who was too late to apply for her July moderator reward (her request happened after extra 1500N has been paid out to the contributors so we have to account for it in August: SputnikDAO ).

To shed some light on the financial situation of the OWS, we have attached some metrics below on how much has been spent in the previous two months June and July. The base line of 4000N has been exceeded in July due to the huge amount of effort that has been done within Sandbox for the standard opportunities and extra projects tasks such as:

To ensure funds are being spent wisely the OWS team has introduced a set of new quality control guidelines that will prevent the OWS from exceeding too far beyond 4000N for the time being. This might be changing within a couple of months from now when Sandbox will start to scale up.


WOW. I love it !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
But do you think 4000 isn’t enough cause this community is growing so incredible? :laughing:

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