[Project Proposal] Alas 24 elektro niche


we want to experiment with coordinape and started a first round just bouncing music tracks with friends and spend GIVE each other to show appreciation.

  • First round in November / December 2021
  • This will involve musicians new to crypto and unaware of risks and chances. We wanto to learnn together hands-on while creating music tracks
  • Horstel Mood, Fernando Bravo (fbravo.near), WaKa, Achim Schiffner (achim.near) , pixelsp33d (pixelsp33d.near), kn00t.near
  • We basicallywill create base tracks (clicktrack, backing voice, etc.) and bounce to the group. They build on-top and spend GIVE to fellows. Coordinape will pay-out pro-rata in whatever Token we are able to get funds)
  • 12N to alas.near Will be split as descibed above.


Bests, Torsten


Hey thanks @tgoerke for writing this up in more detail. If you’re not already aware of the requirements for submitting a Project Proposal please have a look here

Will this project involve Near related platforms at all? For example, will NFTs be minted on Mintbase? I had a look at the Coordinape App and it’s on ETH, which isn’t an issue since it’s still Web3.

I think it’s important for each member to have their own Near wallet, which should be pretty easy to set up, so that each of them can receive the split if the proposal is approved by the council.

@zeitwarp @chloe @Paul @Grace @Monish016 any thoughts?


As I understood, you are going to create music live, it would be really good to see your final work minted in NxM open store on mintbase, where we can set you as a minter.

I agree that onboarding part here is relevant and all participants should receive their own near
wallet names.


Hey @tgoerke thank you for the proposal ! It is really curious how cordinape app works and how can we integrate into near ecosystem. And I agree with near wallet for every artist so they can be paid in near!


I really think that Near needs to be our focus - given our name & raison d’etre - so I would really like to see the benefits to NxM of funding this proposal illustrated more clearly…and how Near is integrated completely within it


Hey @tgoerke just touching base on your proposal again as we’re now actively moving to approve for December funding. Do you have any updates on how this project fits into the Near ecosystem? As much as I love the idea of experimenting with Web3 tech in general I imagine preference will be given to proposals that are more aligned with our mission/goals.

Maybe the creation of the collaboration can be minted on the NxM store and a NFT?

cc @NxM


Hey @vandal I will be held accountable for the disbursed funds. In the current phase of our collaboration I can not promise to mint anything on mintbase. I am grateful to all of you for taking the time to comment on the proposal. I I totally understand your point.

I like coordinape for the great UX that can support creatives, who are not crypto geeks. As a result I can offer to document the step of config, onboard and actual usage esp. points of friction and cognitive challenges leading to steep learning curve for such a user population. cc: WaKa :slight_smile:

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I really think that all Near/NxM funded projects need to to have a clear path into Near dApps or infrastructure.

It’s fine to involve dApps on alternative chains where there is currently no Near equivalent…for example using Cryptovoxels to host events, launches, etc…but where there is a clear Near solution then - imo -we have to support projects and events that are integrating with those platforms and solutions.

I can’t support this as currently presented…maybe reapply next month with a clear onboarding pathway into the Near ecosystem…?

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