[PROJECT PROPOSAL UPDATED] The Mint List as a Near Onboarding Attraction

*Updated 2/2/22
*Updated 2/13/22

*This is the fully revised update based on the support the project and its progression since first submitting this proposal. Please re-read again. Thank you for your patience with the changes.

I recently wrote a Medium article about the history and trajectory of music culture throughout the last 4 decades of new technology. It’s called “NFTS Killed the Pop Star”, if interested. The article is a call to action for musicians and their people (fans) to prioritize 2 things when entering the Web3 market in 2022; 1) creating communities over singular NFT drops and 2) building a viable ecosystem and market culture on any chain other than ETH. I talk about Near some in the article but want to take this opportunity to propose something more effective and authentic!

I’m proposing support for THE MINT LIST Podcast. The first podcast produced with a decentralized system (not a dao yet) and a specific focus on listening to music NFTs. A beautifully curated weekly mix highlighting a lush global spectrum of music artists and cultures newly minting on chain. We are currently prioritizing the music coming from W/BIPOCQ+ artists and communities.

The weekly Mint List Podcast is formatted similarly to Bandcamp Weekly Podcast. A nice mix of independent music with short interviews with artists, The Mint List will do the same but specific to music nft artists and thought leaders in the space. Ad much like Bandcamp Weekly, we hope to be a trusted voice for independent musicians and fans entering the space while literally onboarding them into the Web 3 ethos.

Why the Mint List?
Onboarding and sales practices, as it’s done for the art world, is an awkward fit for music. The Mint List was created to offer an alternative market introduction for musicians and their fans newly exploring NFTs and Web3 community governance.

Partnership with AIRTIME
I recently partnered with Airtime to host these music nft and blockchain workshops. They will assist with pushing the room on their platform and additional support. We will start general Music NFTs 101 ABCs and AMAs leading up to the follow-along workshop approach in March.

20N or $200 (based on current rate) will go to the DAO production, admin support and host talent.

10N or $100 will go to the DAO development, admin support and initial liquidity

20N or $200 Weekly budget for Twitter Ads and Carousel Instagram ads showcasing the weekly Mint List Collections on Mintbase and produce content to give a peek into what’s possible for music on chain. NOTE: Before NFTs I ran paid ads for a living.

Read more about the Beats Per Mint DAO and The Mint List here

My name is Hanifah Walidah aka New World Curator and you can read bit more about more about the founder and initial champion of BPM DAO here.

Wallet: newworldcurator.near

I would also appreciate the following:

  • any guidance on how to proceed with DAO creation on Near

  • Guilds, daos or dapps on Near that would like to Be featured and can speak about how they can support the DAO or musicians in general on Near.

Thank you.


Here, you have more details how to set up a DAO on NEAR:

Overall looks interesting! You have already made an introduction about your DAO!

Also, please consider a close cooperation with NxM Guild in the NEAR future, as this might benefit for the whole music ecosystem on web3. Joining forces are always good :slight_smile:


Thank you Paul. Would you lie to speak at an Airtime event?

I joined NxM a few days ago. My friend Symbolik is in there and Vandal has helped me out in the past. I hope that BPM will be apart of the overall music ecosystem on Near and provide specific services or pathways for music communities to flourish here. Thanks again.


In what time zone you are going to have your event? I’d like to join, however I don’t feel like I’m a good speaker tbh :sweat_smile:

I’m about to go into a meeting now with Airtime to workout a solid schedule. I will update you but I’m on the Eastern time zone.

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Hey @newworldcurator! If I’m not mistaken your proposal is under consideration by the NxM Council.

We would need you to edit and include the following to provide a final decision:

  • Change denominations from $NEAR to $USD for all funds being requested (specifically from NxM)
  • Outline the benefits to NxM for supporting the project (others have included elements of onboarding musicians into the NxM community, Minting NFTs on the NxM store, collaborating with existing NxM community members…)

If this proposal is to be spread across the various DAO verticals, you might want to do the same as requested above for each, so we know what is being requested from where!


cc @Paul @Monish016

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Tagging here @creativesdao-council as this proposal exceeds NxM scope.


Exceeds? Can you tell me how so?

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Proposals that are submitted for funding via NxM should involve the creation of music, production, live events, showcases for the NxM community and with NFTs minted on the NxM store.

Your proposal looks like it’s for the creation of your own DAO, where you will be running your projects and releasing NFTs through, which is beyond the scope of NxM.

For a project of this scale you should direct your proposal to @creativesdao-council https://t.me/CreativeGuilds

Also, for NxM Projects request our maximum support is $500 and for Events is $1000 as per our guides located here https://linktr.ee/NxMLive

There have been internal changes in NxM with a council changeover from Jan to Feb so our apologies for any delay in replies or confusion around proposal clarification. :pray:


Hello ! Thank you ! Nice project :beers:

About the timeline, when this will be done ? Around which date you will share the Report ?

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Hi Fritz. I replied back via email but wanna make sure you got it. A lot has happened since first submitting my proposal. I’m in he Kernel Incubator and am making wonderful connections down here in Denver. All of which has help me fine tune my objectives and operation with The Mint List. I’ll revise this proposal when I get back in town Friday. Is that cool?

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