Dev at Minting Music Weekly Update 2021-09-29

Hey, everybody!

Lots of moving parts these past couple weeks. Sorry I missed you guys last week. We were launching our product! Check out our first client site at


Ryan already posted about it here, Updates from Minting Music, but we had a great time at The Other Fest We were successful in onboarding some artists and fans and honing in on how best to get people set up on the Near ecosystem.


In addition to artists these past couple weeks we had conversations with a few groups with the aim of collaboration.

The first is Crypto Blockchain Plug Crypto Blockchain Plug is an Inglewood, California-based crypto education and co-working group aimed at empowering disenfranchised communities. We are eager to explore opportunities to teach, learn, and collaborate with CBP and their students. More on this collaboration coming soon.

The second was we expanded our conversations with Sandbox to include the prospect of working with them to coordinate our tech development. We are excited about their integration with Catalyst Catalyst - Vital Point AI. Here at Minting Music we are looking at projects like Catalyst as well as Astro for integration and/or inspiration as we build out our community collaboration tech.


Boy howdy do I have a story for you. Anyone interested in a top tier insidious bug story DM me.

Other than squashing that bug. (Thanks/sorry Nick.) Some updates to the client site standard went live. NFT video has been optimized for mobile.

The Minting Music site is undergoing a migration to PHP.

Keep an eye out for some new features on main site, Minting Music Marketplace site, and client sites coming soon.

Business Systems

Major progress has been made toward standardizing our client proposal.

Our client working arrangement contract has been standardized, as has the legal disclaimer accompanying all minted NFTs.

I’m hoping to have a tech development roadmap for public consumption as soon as Friday. I look forward getting comments on all the initiative we are considering.

Hope you all are well.



Great update! I think many of us in the ecosystem are also looking fwd to AstroDAO! That bug squashing sounds like a lot of fun, can’t wait to check out the new site update.