Monthly Report OWS [July-August]

This is the final report on the OWS for the month of July and August.

1. Production:


2. Social media:

3. Events:

Weekly AMA’s: 8 AMA’s hosted weekly in June and July (all can be found on YT channel)

July “NEAR Rainbow Bridge” Party:

OWS pre-launch Party - Questions & Answers with the Meta Pool founders

August “Hot DAO Summer”

4. Discord Server Insights

Since June there is a strong increase of discord server members of 27%: 1110 in June became 1406 in August which implies a steadily growing interest of people in the community towards the Open Web Sandbox.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of discord as a platform, it turned out that build-in metrics are not the best representation of the actual situation. For example, previously measured ‘New member retention’ coefficient was supposed to illustrate the percentage of the members who came back to the server a week after joining, has dropped from 25,60% to 18%. This could be explained by two factors: on the one hand a lot of bots have joined the server during the past two months and while they affect the general number of members positively, there is a negative influence on the engagement indicators. On the other hand, a lot of people do not engage in the daily activities on discord (like chatting with other contributors for example) even when they are actively engaged with the core activities. The underlying reasons for that could be both the fact that discord is not the most user-friendly platform and also that some contributors simply choose to omit the public socialization on discord altogether.

Therefore, discord engagement metrics will no longer be used to evaluate the general engagement of the contributors with OWS in the future. Instead, our team will track the amount of actual contributions, event attendees and feedback/special programs engagements.


Another eye-balling conclusion from discord server insights is that “project profile” channel is used a lot less than expected. That means that contributors currently are insufficiently engaged with the project opportunities. Discord is not a straightforward tool for everyone and especially when combined with other sources (going to the forum post and finding a contact person), finding an interesting project in the bunch of messages on “project-profile” can be difficult. This is a big blocker that is addressed by the solution offered by Aaron. In September project opportunities transition from Discord to a new dashboard on Catalyst. This will improve UX, optimize OWS project management workflow.

5. Contributors (aka Sandboxers) and Survey results

Based on the accumulated data, we performed a break-down of geographical locations of the Sandboxers. India (19%), Vietnam (18%) and Nigeria, Russia and the USA (each 7% of the OWS population) are the biggest regional groups. This might be having implications of opening up separate channels for these languages. Based on this it does make sense to create language channels for the Russian- , Vietnamese- , Hindi- , and Spanish- speaking communities.

This month contributors were encouraged to fill in the survey about the functioning of the OWS. Here are summarized results. N= 47

6. Projects that engaged with the OWS in July-August

Cyberpunk Guild: . [July 2021] the Cypherpunk Guild Project Opportunity: Enhancing digital privacy - #3 by AnaNastya

MintingMusic : [July 2021] the Minting Music Project Opportunity: Help us to create the Library of educational resources


Silicon craftsmen podcast contest :

Octopus guild : [August 2021] Octopus Guild Opportunity: Party promotion

SputnikDao: [August 2021] SputnikDAO opportunity: spreading info about upcoming hackathon

MetaPool Party: [August 2021] Meta Pool Opportunity: Moderation of Q&A section

MEME daily community contest: [August 2021] The NEAR Meme Daily opportunity: help us with social media management

7. Upcoming

8. Acknowledgement mods

Tons of additional administrative daily tasks and processes have been performed by the OWS moderators. Daily communication on Discord and with Sandboxers and projects, reviewing and verifying DAO proposals, providing feedback, all the necessary support with the events - thank you guys, you are awesome.

@videvidts 300N
@Samtoshi_F_Baby 150N
@AnaNastya 150N
@p0k 50N
@OrvardJam 30N

Separate shoutout to @mecsbecs and @vrdoingthings for their invaluable support!

9. Summary and main take-away’s from June-July

  • As the OWS grows, so does the need for more quality when rewarding Sandboxers: OWS Quality Control Guidelines

  • As the general goal of the OWS is shifting from creating awareness of the NEAR Protocol to the stimulation of engagement. The OWS needs more focus on the NEAR projects:
    o From projects (Guilds, dApps) themselves to connect with OWS and outsource small tasks as opportunities for new contributors to get a feel on what the ecosystem has to offer. Coming the the OWS weekly AMA creates extra visibility as well!
    o From the NEAR Core in terms of marketing assistance
    o From the OWS contributors to engage more with the existing ones and to check out the new offers regularly in order to avoid standstills
    o For the OWS Team to reach out more actively to the projects

  • Themed events are appreciated and we will continue with them! Anyone who has ideas and is willing to participate in the OWS Party, reach out to us!

10. Reminder: Non-disclosure and sensitive data protection of the OWS contributors!

This is to remind you that the ONLY individuals who can be approving rewards for the OWS at this point and can therefore request more personal information as they review these claims are @mecsbecs @vrdoingthings or myself. We will NOT request to share sensitive information publicly! Only OWS moderator can be contacting you for more details that are relevant to some of the opportunities from the standard list. Please be careful when disclosing any private information on web. Doublecheck who are the individuals that are requesting you to provide any data. In case of doubt, you can always send a private message to myself @mecsbecs or @vrdoingthings .

Be cautious and safe!
OWS Team