Dev at Minting Music Weekly Update 2021-08-30


A fast paced week for us folks in Dev at Minting Music.


We successfully had our technology stack in order for our event this past Wednesday. Three bugs were encountered during the event. One was fixed during the event. The others were fixed soon after. None of these bugs prevented our event-goers from seeing the tech stack of Minting Music in a positive light.

In addition to these identified bugs and a few new features, I personally have a list of more than 30 “lessons learned.” In terms of demonstration, testing, and learning the event was a massive success.


Had some great conversations about NFTs and our technology and its applications with a wide cross section of content creators, artists, users, musicians, music business professionals, collectors, and crypto investors. I believe I speak for all of us here at Minting Music when I say we, through these conversations, are beginning to even better understand our target customer and our buyer demographics.


Lots of great tech was developed this past week.

  • Artist modular site system version 1 is built. Our first artist site should go live up this week.
  • The first generation of the Minting Music Marketplace is live.
  • The Minting Music Web2 site has been updated. There is a bunch of great new content on this page. The contact form on the site is also live.

Business Systems

I am organizing the data inputs and outputs that will give us our metrics from the event this week. My primary goal is to convert the prospective clients who were in attendance into full fledged clients. From a dataware perspective this involves merging information captured in the different aspects of our event into the beginnings of an integrated client/buyer/user information system.

I will release the top line numbers when I have them.

In general it was an eventful (pun intended) week for us here at Minting Music. We go into this next week with hardened tech, a clearer vision, and a lot learned.

Great work everyone!



Do you have dev/staging links to see the sites as they’re coming together?

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We’re not quite ready to launch the marketplace site to the whole Near ecosystem. The web2 site is

I’m happy to DM the link to you and anyone else who wants to see it.

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Just launched this weekend.

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