[Introduction] The Philosophers DAO

The Philosophers DAO Introduction

The Philosophers DAO is going to be a guild under the Near protocol that would serve
a multi DAO logistics (creatives, educational, etc) for the sole purpose of expanding the reach of the Near protocol in the Academy, specifically into the academic philosophers. Our main intention is to onboard on NEAR philosophers working on publishing, interviews, art, and many other interesting projects that could develop into creative products, like 3d objects, visual art, memes, youtube interviews and talks etc, everything registered as NFT on Mintbase. This is important to NEAR, because it is a way to bring the Academy into NEAR Blockchain, in order for them to produce artistic, historical, and cultural blockchain products, such as many kinds of NFTs (videos, images, texts, 3d objects etc), and it is a way to bring professors and students to Near Blockchain.

Who We Are:
We are a DAO created to support philosophical activity from the Academy members, and to onboard them into the web 3. We are composed of philosophers and designers, from the Academy, that want to build NEAR ecosystem around academic activities on philosophy expressed through creative products. Many of us are professors, university publishers, phd philosophers, designers, all of us are researchers with the intention to build a philosophical DAO artisitically expressed, in order to be accessible to and enjoyable by the community. And our main idea is to expand NEAR reach, in order for it to be used by philosophy researchers, professors and students from the Academy, whom possibly will become new collectors and investors.

People can join our dao as a member by invite of the council, and can join our community by reaching us on telegram or by joining the Community group in our dao on astro.

Council Members
Prof. Dr. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near
Profa. Dra. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
The Philosopher @thephilosopher

General members
Prof. Dr. The Philosopher @thephilosopher thephilosopher.near
Prof. Dr. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near jsc2022.near
Prof. Dr. Everton Maciel @maciel maciel.near
Prof. Dr. Cesar de Alencar @calencar calencar.near
Profa. Dra. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs mobbs.near
Prof. Dr. JĂ´nadas Techio @jonadas jonadas.near

Community Group:

Founding Members
Prof. Dr. The Philosopher @thephilosopher thephilosopher.near
Prof. Dr. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near jsc2022.near
Rafaela NĂłbrega @beetlejuice beetle-juice.near

Our DAO is composed only from the general Members. The Council is an administrative and decision group created from Members group. And the Community group is a group of students and people interested in the DAO’s activities, that participates on polls on astro. We would be launching this DAO on the Astro DAO platform with council members inducted from the general members group.

Astrodao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Our Goals
The Philosophers DAO intends to be a DAO for funding the philosophical work from academic philosophers on the blockchain, like publishing books, publishing NFTs, making youtube interviews, build radio programs, everything on the internet and on near blockchain, and also all digitalized products from IRL events/projects.

For May

Talks concerning philosophy and art/technology (Partnership with Incubadora DAO).

Ideas (long term)

  • To help building NearxPublisher and Near Alexandria with our publishing projects.
  • To work in contact with other DAOs, like Incubadora DAO and the Writers Guild, to produce interesting philosophical NFTs (text, video, images, etc) and to introduce the onboarded philosophers to the writing and talking activities of other DAOs.
  • To produce NFTs that could be a way to take philosophy to the people in an artistic way, like memes, interviews, cultural talks etc.
  • To be a source of funding for creative projects on web 3 that takes philosophy back to the community and to expand NEAR to the community of philosophers
  • To build cultural material to be constantly used by the general community and by students, professors and researchers.

What’s Next?

We will be submitting a proposal to Creatives DAO for funding to kick off some of the initiatives we have outlined above for May 2022 funding.


If you have thoughts or questions just drop em below. The team is going to add, edit, or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the May Funding Proposal.

Philosophart (Mintbase):






This is great. Can anyone participate or is this just limited to post graduate students and professors of philosophy or to everyone?


Hi, @Oblakofficialss. Thank you for the interest. This would be just for academic philosophers. It could be an undergraduate too, not just postgraduate. But as I am a professor, I prefer to use postgraduated work instead of undergraduated, because we have to explain too much to undergrads and the work is never perfect. But according to what is being proposed and the curriculum of each person, we can open exceptions for interested community members, if the council finds it interesting.


Alright. That’s great. Thanks


What a great iniciative, @thephilosopher !!! Congrats!!!


Thank you, Ghini! <3 Very glad you liked the iniciative.
I am already talking to many philosophers from the academy.


@frnvpr @frado @vandal @tabear @chloe @marianeu @Monish016 @MoniBlockdiver @hevertonharieno @ted.iv

I would love to hear your opinion concerning this new DAO.


Nice ideia, I think you can sell pdf contents and e-book via Near protocol.


Thank you for the repply, @frado! And yes! We will follow 2 paths concerning publising: (1) to publish academic e-books (pdf) and (2) to publish GIFs from 3d books as NFTs on near with links to the real already published books in the description. We have in our team a professor - Prof. Dr. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near - that is also a publisher from UFPel on philosophy subject. I am so excited to do this.


Hey Phil, why don’t you join and post in our discord channel,


Thank you, @Monish016! Let me do it. <3

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That’s awesome! Congratulations!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Congratulations!! Great project my friend! :rocket:

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Sounds really interesting!

Are you considering going international with this or just BR?

Nice work

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Yes, we are! We are just starting nationally, because the people I know is more around here, and the funding capabilities are better enjoyed in Brazil, given the conversion rate with real. I talked about a 500 usd funding for a project with some PhD philosophers from the University of Macau, which told me that this resource may be better enjoyed by Brazilians, in a way that 500 usd did not seem much to them. So people from China, or from Usa, or maybe from Europe may engage more with us when we grow our funding capabilities. But we are always super opened to all academic philosophers, from all countries.

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As an academic enthusiast, how can one be part of this great project, is there a telegram group that can aid the onboarding of new members


Wonderful, Michael! We still do not have a telegram channel, but we will have one, and I will let you know here. I am bringing some new people to the blockchain that are not used to telegram, but uses whatsapp. So it will take some time for us to organize the telegram, but I hope we are all set up when April comes. Nevertheless we will be opened to projects from academic philosophers that want to make some work for the academic community of philosophers on near blockchain. Just approach a council member with your project, and we talk about it. For April, we already have some plans, but for the other months, we will fund - if the Creatives agree - philosophy projects from academics in 2 options: less complex ones for 250 usd in near and more complex ones for 500 usd in near. We have another large project that is an exception, that receives more funding, because it is a very large project, that already exists and uses many different people and has some good metrics, which is Série Investigação Filosófica. Please, if you submit a project, use the model we used in the projects of our funding proposals (I am still editing to add the projects we planed for April), and add your academic curriculum. If we like your project, we will tak by video chat and you will explain it for us. Than we will vote. :slight_smile:

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@Monish016 is it possible for us to have a tag, thephilosophers-dao?

Thank you for sharing this here!

Given that this DAO seems to actually more educational, it feels a bit out of the Creatives DAO scope. We would suggest to get in touch with the Education Vertical in terms of future funding.

Another point is to keep things centralised and open. It is great to see your work and activity within the Creatives ecosystem and various DAOs. If all those DAOs would be in the council of the Creatives then, it would defeat the goal of working in a decentralised manner though.


Oh, yes, that is true, @tabear. But i dont intend to be in the council of all these daos. I already told Gambiarra that I will leave the council in the begining of April, to let another person to be in the ecosystem in that position. I will just help in different ways, as a general member. I will also leave the Writers Guild Council and the Spiritual DAO too, just to be in Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO, and I dont intend to postulate a position in the Creatives Council with The Philosophers DAO.

Would you direct me to the Education Vertical? Is this some tag I must use or some telegram I must enter?

Can’t we be considered a creative group in the sense that we are going to produce designed NFTs from academic books, from interviews etc? That is the main reason we have 2 designers in our DAO.