[PROPOSAL] The Philosophers DAO Funding for April 2022

DAO/Council Members:

*Target: the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near
*The Philosophers DAO ASTRODAO
*Total Requested Funding Amount: 5.000 USD in NEAR - Approval on ASTRO
*Timeline: April 5th - 30th

Introdução: [Introduction] The Philosophers DAO

Objective: The main objective of this set of projects is to produce creative products from the Academy that could be seen by a broad audience, like interviews about hot philosophical topics, argumentation lab to create theories, 3d NFT books on Mintbase, radio broadcast talks in the middle of the world (near the Amazon river), everything registered as NFTs on NEAR blockchain.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this set of project is precisely to bring academic philosophers to NEAR blockchain, and to take their knowledge to the community, through creative projects. This is important because art generally make difficult contents accessible, so the production can be brought from the university and presented in an accessible form, like courses, interviews, 3d books, metaverse gatherings, etc. This is important for the community, because it expands NEAR community of creatives to beyond artists, connecting them with the scientists and the students that are part of these projects. One can see our DAO is composed by philosophers and by designers, because we have the intent of connecting the creative world of art with the world of philosophy, by expanding the ways we will present philosophy through art.

We already have a store, opened in a project funded by The Writers Guild, with 3d rendered voxel books as NFTs on it. We’ve already put many of our members in the store as minters.

Below are the projects that The Philosophers DAO has outlined to actualize for the month of April:

Greetings from The Philosophers DAO