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This category is for discussions and announcements related to the education of everyone using the NEAR platform.

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I am a Visual Arts teacher, graduated this year, I would like to know if this is where I write an educational proposal/project?


Here is a very interesting article about the legality of NEAR!


is writen in french, i can comprehend

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Please, is The Philosophers DAO included in the Education Category?


Hello @amgando , is Octópode Dao included in the Education Category?

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Hello @amgando, is FEMINU Dao included in the Education Category?


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Hi, @amgando. I just made some observations about the education category somewhere else:

I would appreciate an answer, if you can.


Hi @amgando

I think a lot of people on the forum here are requesting for some clarity around if their projects fall under the education category including ours which you can take a look at here:

I also know a ton of people within the community that are interested in engaging with the education vertical and have a lot to offer the NEAR ecosystem, yet no place to channel their offerings nor any representatives/conversations to engage with.

I think I am speaking for many community members here by asking;

What are the guidelines around the education vertical?

Is the education vertical offering funding to the community at this time? If so, how can the community engage with this vertical to receive support in this way?

Does the education vertical have any plans to expand its operations or deepen its engagement with the active community of NEAR on this forum?

Thanks for your time!