[REPORT] (April Filipino Artist Guild Monthly Report)

Hello, NEAR Community And Creatives.

Another month had passed and we, at Filipino Artist Guild (F.A.G.) want to share with You our milestone for the month of April.

Guild name: Filipino Artist Guild
Astro DAO Address: Filipino Artist Guild DAO

Councils: @Ligaya @vanengs @kc_sollano

For those who want to know About Filipino Artist Guild here is our introduction .
And also Our March Monthly Report

As a starting Of this Introduction let me show You our april Weekly Art Challenge this Month of april
Week 5-6 Art challenge
Week 7-8 Art challenge

these 2 challenges showcase the amazing art of filipino artists.
And also because of the support of Filipino Artist in the near we onboarded a lot of new people and artist here in Near Forum.

They are so amazing, the support they are giving To The Guild and Near is So powerful.
And next is Our engagement in social media Accounts Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

We also have a Twitter Spaces and Community calls Every Week, to help the artist how to start thier journey here jn Near protocol. We have shilling spaces for Near Nft Creators and Practice Shilling spaces for everyone.
And because of the initiative some of the Filipino Artist Try to host their spaces and Shilling spaces in Near ,
We are happy to have them, they really support and Helping us to make a stronger community here in Near.

Here are also the Recorded Community calls pinned in our Telegram Channel.

And also this Month of april we Hosted a Community Call/ AMA with Unique Art Marketplace.
The discussion last into 50 minutes plus the other minutes for text and chats explaination in Telegram some also are verified already as minter in their Marketplace.

Our Community also Participate on the Testnet Event Of the Auction.io and that experience teach us how to bid and explore Mintbase via Testnet.
Here are some of the list From Google sheets we write so everyone can try and participate how the Auction works and will earn 20 bids up.

From this milestone we have in Near Protocol and Creatives We reach a lot of experiences and opportunities.
Filipino artist learn also about other Dao’s and guilds here in Near Protocol, how dao and guild works.

From our last report we reach this Number of Members in Telegram.

And as of now April 2022 here is our number.

So amazing :pray::heart:

And this last few days i hop in a Meeting with other Dao and meet the co Founder of Naksh via Call. And we agree to have a AMA with Filipino Community Maybe Next Month.
We also onboarded 5 Artist To participate in Chara Kit Project who support artist and their amazing talents.

We activated a lot of Near wallets , some already starting their journey making Nfts in Paras. And some are active in Near Forum participating in projects and Bounties.

We also partner with VAD for the Cross Collab with vietnamese Artist x Filipino Artist Next week.

And lastly we contact a rider to ship our parcel so the reward for our artist of the month will recieve it safe and fresh. The smile on her eyes is priceless as we see that she is happy on the gift we sent to her,
She said that this Tablet will help me a lot in her Studies and Making arts.

Thank you For this Oppurtunity To share with you Our Report and success Of filipino Artist Guild .
We at Filipino Artist Guild would like to thank You Everyone for Supporting this initiative.
Thank you Creatives and Godbless​:heart:


Thank you for all your efforts and hard work. Cheers to all our achievements and more to come.


Beyond proud​:pleading_face::star_struck: ang qt q po diyan sa chibi ehe. Thanks to our hardworking councils​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_closed_eyes: More events to come, yay!!!


Let’s go!! :fire::fire::fire::fire: WAGMI! :fire:


Congratulations :clinking_glasses::heart: 500+ na tayo . Filipino Artist Guild :philippines::beers: good luck to everyone ,Let’s collaborate and edit together. LFG​:rocket:


Cool cool cool :100::100::100:
More growth!!


Thanks Bro :relaxed: and also to your community :heart:


Awesome :100: looks hard working and trustworthy I love the way you show the loyalty sounds good