[MONTHLY REPORT](FEBRUARY) Filipino Artist Guild

Hello Everyone, And To Creatives Council.

Project Name: Filipino Artist Guild

DAO: filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near


@ligaya @vanengs @kc_sollano

We are Happy that Creatives Approved Our Proposal Last February and support our New Built Guild for Filipino Artist.

Filipino Artist Guild Introduction was launch in Near Forum last January 26,2022.
And we Receive our First Fund of 132.65 near by February 08,2022.

And Base on Our Roadmap in Our Introduction,
We Start The Weekly Event in Near Forum.

Week 1 Art Challenge
Week 2 Art Challenge
Week 3 Art Challenge
Week 4 Art Challenge OnStandby

We Set The Weekly Art Challenge of 10 Near Total of Prizes per Week, total of 40 near

Week 3 is still Ongoing,
and week 4 will start Next Week .

We Transfer the Love Month Art Challenge Funds and divided it to 4 weekly Art Challenge.

We are Also Featuring Artist and Featuring Artist Collection in our Official Twitter Account.
Filipino Artist Guild 2.0 Twitter Account

We also Have Twitter Space for 2 Sunday of the Month held in Twitter Account of Filipino Artist Guild.
1st Twitter Space
2nd twitter Space

We Also have 2 Community Call for 2 Saturday of the month held in
Filipino Artist Guild Telegram

We also Posted the Links of Space and the Weekly Art Challenge Entries on our Filipino Artist Guild Discord Server.
We also have channels for Art shares,Art Wips,Art Guides and All related to our Guild.

We Just Launch our Facebook Page where we post The entries Banners some announcement Related to our guild.
Filipino Artist Guild Facebook Page

We also Have a Verified Paras account where we store our Nfts collected from Filipino Artist.

Filipino Artist Guild Paras Account

We also Select Our 2 Artist Of the month that most outstand from Others. They are always Helping,guiding the members especially to all newbies into Paras and Near protocol.
We will announce soon the Artist of The Month in our Twitter account.
The Sintra Board of the Artist Of The Month is on thier way and already Shipped Out By the Belle Design Studio.

The selected Artist Dm Me that they will not take the remaining Fund from the Funds budget to AOTM but instead add it on Nft Collecting To help the artist with no sales.

Telegram Sticker Pack is still Ongoing for now, but We will Add it on March Report after we complete it .

In our Introduction We have 4 Council, but because of the conflict of The time one of The Council request to step down for being a Council.

We Also Transfer 5 near to Ligaya.near to deposit it on NearBot.

And Lastly we Also Fund Near Wallet Activation of 23 new Accounts From February.

We are so grateful Creatives Approved Our Proposal and Support us. We are Open for feedbacks and Questions.
Its been an exciting Journey for all of us to be officially one of The Guilds under Near and we are looking Forward for more events and Activities for the Following month.

Thank you So much .

Here are Official Links Of Our Social medias Account.
Official Links Of Filipino Artist Guild

Twitter Account:

Discord Server:

Telegram Channel:

Facebook Page:

Telegram Channel For Retweets and Links :