[Introduction] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO

Greetings Creatives DAO Community,

We are Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, an interdimensional healing collective. Our DAO just launched on Astro DAO in March. We’re thankful for the support that we have received from KinDAO and Primordia DAO, in helping us to navigate the process and connect with the NEAR ecosystem.

Dandelions and Honeybees supports people in balancing their spiritual, mental and physical health with key holistic insights, deeply healing herbal preparations, holistic education and spiritual tools. We also support honeybees and other pollinator populations by educating people on sustainable consumer and gardening practices. A key tenet of our mission is to share resources with individuals and organizations that support the pollinators.

Many people in our amazingly vast and talented community are either wary or unaware of Web3. We aim to encourage them to explore, join and build specifically with the NEAR ecosystem as a means to connect, collaborate, manifest and fund their visions.

We are documenting our own journey and designing a creatives-friendly tool to support newcomers with onboarding and navigating NEAR. Dandelions and Honeybees’ success in building and growing with the NEAR is inspiring others in our community to join!

We’d love to connect with you if you resonate with our vision!


Welcome! Looking forward to collaborating with you in Primordia :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the ecosystem!
This looks super nice! I am curious to see how you could integrate the support of honeybees and pollinators for example with NFTs. If you are looking for collabs, mutiDAO would love to. Maybe we could work something out that works with web3 and also supports nature! Actually just by thinking more about it I got some ideas already :smiley: Feel free to connect via TG

Also open forest protocol, RAIZ and spiritual DAO might be nice groups to connect!

Feel free to also join the Creatives DAO group, every Monday at 8pm GMT we have office hours in our TG group where new projects can be introduced and questions can be asked :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m excited! :honeybee:

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Hi Tabear!

YES to all of that! I definitely want to work with NFTs and other Web3 opportunities to spread the message and am wide open for aligned collabs. I’ll follow up on your suggestions. This is beyond inspiring!

I appreciate your warm welcome and supportive response! :honeybee:


Awesome :slight_smile: Looking fwd to that! :honeybee: :beetle: :lady_beetle:

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