Introducing Tibira DAO

DAO Name: Tibira DAO

DAO Leaders: @carrapatoso @gbonfiglioli

Astro-DAO Address: Astro

DAO Location: Global

DAO Communication Channels:

  • Discord: TBD
  • Telegram: TBD


Tibira is a guild focusing in connecting LGBTQIA+ community and allies interested in creating projects using blockchain.

The guild is the meeting point for creatives, developers, communicators, and all professionals that want to expand the presence of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in the digital realm.

In 1614, two years after the arrival of French colonizers in Northern Brazil, Tibira, which means homosexual in the Tupi language, was sentenced to death for sodomy by Yves D’Évreux, a Capuchin monk. Tibira attempted to escape the charge, and fled into the woods for several days, but was re-captured by French authorities. Before his execution, Tibira was baptized by D’Évreux in the name of Saint Dismas, strapped to a cannon, which was fired, killing him.

The chosen name aims to remember the evil that colonizers did in foreign soil, that homophobia is not inherent to native communities, that LGBTQIA+ community is constantly chased and needs to be in constant alert state, and that they always need to create means to avoid these cases from happening again.

What is the DAO for?

  • Be the main entry point in NEAR for the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Help the LGBTQIA+ community to understand the web3 world
  • Encourage the development of new projects and DAOs
  • Increase the participation of the LGBTQIA+ community in the ecosystem
  • Develop open calls and digital and physical activities to engage the community


To better accommodate changes and project proposals as they appear, the guild will plan per quarter. At least, 15 days before the beginning of the next one the activities proposal should be posted in

The guild activities can be divided in three: physical, digital, and network. The activities have the goal to increase the community and engage its members in developing new projects.

Physical: physical events organized in cities by a local leader to engage the community in that specific location. The events can have the goal of only engaging the community if the follow up discussions are turned to the guild’s communication channels (eg Discord).

Digital: open calls with bounties and other promotions campaigns to an external audience. It can go from a call to solve a specific task to engage people to a new project.

Network: activities inside the community, mainly having the guild’s communication channels as support. They are activities to keep the community active and interested in proposing new projects.


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