NEAR Samurai DAO : Guild Introduction Post

Guild Name: NEAR Samurai DAO

Guild Leader(s): Yudai Suzuki (9dai5), Toshi Kamei (tolehico), Naoki Akazawa (naokiakazawa), Sid Pillai (sidpillai91)

Guild SputnikDAO Address: nearsamurai.sputnikdao.near

Guild Location : Japan

Guild Details:
NEAR Samurai DAO is being created in collaboration with Fracton Ventures (the first Web3.0 and DAO dedicated incubation and acceleration platform in Japan) and NEAR Community Team. The purpose of this collaboration is to create and grow the NEAR and Web3.0 ecosystem and community in Japan.

Fracton Ventures conducted the first NEAR workshop in Japan and about 45 people participated in it. We have also been community partner for NEAR India Accelerator as well and mentored the different startups participating in the accelerator.

To create a strong Web3.0 and DAO ecosystem in Japan in collaboration with NEAR Community and Fracton Ventures

Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membership you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience we’re looking to reach with our activities)?

  1. For anyone interested in participating and exploring the Japan Web3.0 ecosystem
  2. For developers and NEAR enthusiasts based out of Japan

What kind of value is our Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?
To Create and Grow NEAR Developer and Supporter Community in Japan.
Also, any NEAR projects who want to explore the Japan Web3.0 ecosystem are welcome to join.
It would especially focus on making the web3.0 ecosystem and community more stronger by

  1. Organize Events, Workshops, AMAs, Hackathons
  2. Create translated content for developers and japanese media

**How can community members join our Guild? **
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearjp


Welcome, team! Glad to see all of the amazing stuff planned for the Japanese community given that we have around 50 participants for the first meetup with Fracton team + @gyan0890 as part of the Lumos India accelerator.


Thanks @shreyas . Excited to be building the NEAR Community together in Japan

Thank you for the comment, @shreyas !
We are trying to upload the meetup video to the public soon!

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