[Event - TODAY, 2pm UTC] NEAR COMMUNITY TALKS: Queer plurality within the digital realm (session #1)

Online Event Location: Zoom

A series of intersectional focus groups to talk about the experiences of the LGBTQIAP+ community in the digital realm. The sessions will take place in the Community Talks, online, and open to everyone inside the NEAR Ecosystem.

We will discuss different aspects of prejudice and exclusion against the LGBTQIAP+ community with special emphasis on digital interactions. The goal is to promote an injection of otherness, showcase of difference and a reality check. Also it is expected to sensibilize users and moderators about the sensitivity of talking about queer issues in public forums.

/// SESSION 1: LGBTQIAP+ Essentials
Format: Masterclass

Main topics: introduction on gender identity, introduction on sexual orientation, the meaning of the LGBTQIA+ acronym, inclusive language, terminology, the importance of intersectionality

Guest speaker: Gustavo Gustrava (TibiraDAO) - @gbonfiglioli

Gustavo Gustrava, fluid fag, co-creator and member of artivist Brazilian queer/intersectional collective A Revolta da Lâmpada since 2014 and master’s student in Anthropology (ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon) with a focus on Art, Activism and Intersectionality. She has been active for 12 years as a creative communicator, branding consultant and queer activist. He is also founder of Pajubá, Diversidade em Rede, a consultancy that idealizes projects focused on diversity and social impact. They’re part of TibiraDAO along with @carrapatoso.

Online Event Location: Zoom

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Happening today! Please, come! :slight_smile: