NEAR Community DAO Groups


NEAR Community DAO generates opportunities for leaders to connect and collaborate with participants in our ecosystem. This organization cultivates an environment for networking, sharing expertise, and exploring decentralized governance. Community DAO groups connect NEAR communities with each other to facilitate coordination as a blockchain ecosystem.

Currently, there are 16 groups in our Community DAO:

Each group has their own guidelines for membership, held accountable by other DAO participants…

New groups can be added to represent other community-driven DAOs and more! This would effectively mean providing a common resource for many different councils, improving accountability of NEAR communities / guilds by developing trust. Ultimately, we are hoping to scale funding responsibly, fairly, and wisely.

Continuing to look forward with this in mind:


As part of this experimental Community DAO, groups have the power to approve proposals.

Plus, members receive the following benefits:

  • share your voice in polls and vote on any relevant proposals
  • unique role on the NEAR Forum: Community DAO Members
  • build reputation as a governance participant on the Astro platform
  • NFT rewards and payouts (Community DAO Mintbase store)
  • explore + learn together! #collaborations

Anyone can submit a proposal ~ membership is not required to participate!


Each Friday, in conjunction with a technical DAO demo session, all are invited to participate in the NEAR Community DAO Study Group with representatives from the NEAR Foundation team, Astro, guilds, and other community leaders.

Here is a video recap of a round table daoscussion via NearHub!

Connected Groups

Anyone may propose to create a new group in our Community DAO in order to establish a designated role within the NEAR ecosystem.

Community leaders may submit proposals to add groups / DAOs to this experimental governance structure. To participate in voting, you must be a DAO member ~ simply create a proposal to join a group!


Community DAO participants develop credibility as trusted council members and project / event coordinators. One of the main challenges with decentralized governance is voter participation, and essentially, this pool of reputable DAOpprentices, i.e. DAOstructors in training, may support DAOs emerging from the DAOcubator program and beyond!

Resources and Tools

Whether you are building a community on the internet or in your local geographic area, you can find useful resources and tools to support your projects and events.



Wiki Pages

Skills and Experience

Level 0: Community Group Member

Vote and get membership NFTs in return for your participation.

Level 1: Community DAO Council

Current Leaders (ordered by number of votes)

Level 2: Community DAO Group

Propose a new group in our DAO to define a specific role.

Level 3: New Community DAO

Launch your own DAO using Astro, then add it to a group in NEAR Community DAO :sparkles:


NEAR Community DAO groups have to meet the following criteria:

  • Build trust in a representative council and / or DAO
  • Remain open to new participants (diversity and inclusion)
  • Adhere to the NEAR Community Guidelines

Community DAO Group Leadership

Using Astro, each proposal to create a new group has to specify a leader to act as the initial member, who wields considerable power to vote once and approve any proposal. This account must be another DAO with at least 9 members.

Leadership Changes

We understand groups change over time. There can be monthly proposals to review and update membership. These might eventually be automated using DAObots.

Code of Conduct

People are the foundation of a community. To thrive, we must promote diversity of thought and ensure member safety. NEAR is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. Every participant ought to enjoy a healthy environment with a culture of mutual respect and responsibility.

To minimize barriers to entry and hopefully maximize accessibility, Community DAO will remain open ~ all NEAR users are welcome to submit proposals! Anyone can join to vote as well.


NEAR Community DAO membership requires a proposal to add your account ID to a group. Each individual member should represent 1 unique human! Currently, we are using this unofficial spreadsheet made by council member @FritzWorm to keep track of identities across platforms.

Join the Forum Group: @CommunityDAO

Submit “Add Member To Group” Proposals on Astro :rocket:

Everyone is welcome! To leave, you may submit a proposal to remove account(s) from a group. Be sure to coordinate with other participants. We appreciate your contributions! Let us know any ideas or questions.


This is a step to archiving the decentralised world we seek. We win together as one!


Greatly to be here, :heart::heart: And pledged to be actively working :pray:t5: #decentralizaion


Heyyy! Let’s Go!

Please leaders, follow up this process, our role is to be teachers for the other members.

@Arturoahs @LuisAponte99 @jblm @user1 @ramgor Big hug to you 5 for your commitment !

Please, follow Arturo Leadership regarding governance, and Luis Aponte experience regarding DAOs, and Julian energy who create a spreadsheet to follow up the process.


Great initiative! Community DAO will/should grow with active members & councils. We’re building a place for everyone, your voice will be heard. This is a necessary step when we come to problems/questions that need to be discussed at a community level.


Hello All,

Here my contribution, an infography originally distributed within TG NEAR Venezuela, and now goes to the NEAR Forum, also in English (How-to Community DAO for desktop PC):

cheers !!!


Hello everyone, goods !!
Now if there is enough help … @bgem has built a similar guide to do the same task (How-to Community DAO from a mobile phone):

This is excellent, considering that the input/interface to the DAO from both differs slightly.

UPDATE: At the end of that post, we already have an additional contribution by @Dacha, also for desktop PC, but a RU/UA/Belorussian version). Thank you …

The members of the Community DAO will support other members of the NEAR Forum to register. Everyone is welcome to participate, discuss and make decisions in DAO’s community or groups.


Dear NEARians !!!

Do not stop thinking :brain: about the objective of having a DAO, totally decentralized to propose, to debate and decide in community. We have great benefits as individual members, clearly outlined here:

If you are already a member of Community DAO, or for a group born today or tomorrow inside, then I invite you to follow the link in the second item of the benefits (i.e., unique role on the NEAR Forum …) and:

  1. Make a request to be included in that list (button in the top-right corner of the page). This is a way to leave a record in NEAR Forum that you are a Community DAO member.

  2. Please, the only thing you have to prove is that you are a member of Community DAO, leaving a link to your approved proposal in AstroDAO, the NEAR forum user and the NEAR wallet.

  3. Then, you give submit, Easy!!!

Once your application is approved by a Council member, You will not only be listed, but you will also receive the title “Community DAO Member” in the header of your NEAR forum profile when you expand it, and anyone will see it if you turn it on Preferences.

P.S.: … I do this “guidelines” to promote the participation of our Community DAO members, who I will redirect to this post to complete this task. :rocket:

Best wishes


Amazing initiative. We are still working on this and whatever you need, I’m happy to help you.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Great, ready to support!


Good evening!

Happy to invite active Near Community members to NearGames group @Community DAO.

We are looking for

  • :fire: active gamers
  • :fire: games developers
  • :fire: crypto influencers

But happy to onboard anybody who willing to discover Near and Aurora games metaverse.

Our goals:

  • Came together active Near Games community members;
  • Connect gamers and projects;
  • Participate in beta-testing events;
  • Suggest to Community DAO proposals (marketing, creativities, events);

How to join us?

Go to , then

Click on green plus, then

1 Choose “Propose to Add member to the group”
2 Write briefly information about yourself
3 Choose group “NearGames”
4 Input your wallet adress
5 Click on “Propose button”

Every NearGames community member will get unique NFT :blush:


Our Twitter:
Our telegram group: Telegram: Contact @play_on_near

Current Near Games community members:

playonnear.near , Galaxy online top gamer, tg Phaeron

red34.near , Galaxy online top gamer, Near Games content mod, member of many private groups, hidden gem :blush: tg @Tronchik7


Now we have one more resource to add Discord server:

Thank you very much @Roshangeek for this contribution :clap:


Anything for the community :raised_hands::gem::heartbeat:


*=) I am a Gamer DACHA

I am also fan of:


But… we should discuss now how many groups should a member be allowed of being on…

I mean, I am on OWS, Creatives, Venezuela, Onboarding-DAO… it is really ok to be also a gamer?


You sir - potato baron ! :sweat_smile:


Nice ! Initiatives like this are absolutely the ones that contribute to moving our community to a truly decentralized and horizontal one!
I am in ! :smiley: :+1:


This is nice :+1: I’ll propose to be member of your group. I’m a gamer lol and even a crypto influencer :smiley:


Good evening. You’re very welcome :relaxed:

This is definitely awesome, Great Job!!! I am always here whenever you need helping hands!


Looks nice! Can we propose a Brazil Group, to add the active brazilian DAOs ? theclan, brazildao, gambiarra, qualdao, childrenofthedao, nomadlabel, fradao and others?