Introducing the Business on NEAR DAO

Business on NEAR DAO

Guild Name: Business on NEAR

Guild Leaders: @Mazi @chronear

Guild Astro-DAO Address: business-on-near.sputnik-dao.near

Guild Location: Global

Guild Communication Channels:

Guild Details:


The Business on NEAR (BoN) DAO will be responsible for community outreach to teams that are building exciting applications on the blockchain, with the intention to make budding entrepreneurs and developers aware of the grants program at NEAR, as well as the support and tooling available to develop on NEAR

To simplify:

  • Make projects building on other chains aware of NEAR
  • Qualify appetite to build on NEAR
  • Pass qualified opportunities to the NEAR core team for possible grant awards


This guild is for community members that are passionate about NEAR being the blockchain of choice for scalable and exciting applications. We need these people to outreach to exciting up and coming talents in the space via various hackathons from any chain, and those that can effectively communicate the unique value proposition of NEAR -i.e Developer friendly, climate neutral and scalability via sharding. These members will be expected to discuss this with developers/entrepreneurs, with the end goal being a conversation with the NEAR core team and a grant issued to the developer/entrepreneur to build on NEAR

So, if you think you have the following skills, this could be the guild for you:

  • Awareness of the wider blockchain ecosystem
  • Understanding pain points on other chains - i.e. why could developing on Solana/Avalanche/Polkadot be difficult, and how could developing on NEAR help
  • Ability to communicate effectively with Developers/Entrepreneurs
  • Passion and Desire for the NEAR blockchain to succeed
  • Hustle and Grinding and a desire to work with any team, from any chain within their communities


Community members who bring qualified leads to the guild will be compensated in the form of NEAR tokens, ultimately this guild is about growing the NEAR ecosystem and enhancing the network effects of any application building on NEAR, which further compounds the value of the entire network.

Leads that come through the BoN DAO will be prioritised for assessment.

  • Qualified lead - If the DAO leaders deem your lead as qualified, you will be rewarded with a payment of 20 NEAR.

A Qualified lead meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrable interest of the project to building on NEAR

  • Project team qualifications are sound

  • Use Case of the project has alignment to core growth objectives - i.e more wallets, transactions and visibility

  • Referral - If the project is accepted into the grants program, the referrer will receive 10% of the grant total, up to $10,000 USD, paid in NEAR tokens. These payments will be made to the referred on the same project milestone-based plan applicable to the referred project. Pick Projects You Love, Receive Upto 10,000 $NEAR | NEAR Protocol


Do you have an idea or a project pitch? Do you just want to learn about NEAR and the opportunities available for entrepreneurs and developers? Come talk to us and we will walk you through the ecosystem. Join us every Thursday, 2PM - 3PM CET:


Excellent! Very excited about this! As @chronear well said, if you’re passionate about NEAR and you think you have the skills to communicate it effectively to entrepreneurs and developers, we would love to have you on a chat on our Thursday 2PM CET calls. Feel free to ask any questions you have to me or @chronear.


Awesome! I am looking forward to it!


Awesome initiative, great to see another DAO coming up in the NEAR ecosystem!


Thank Goodness am not late
Good project

Good morning. Both leaders do their work not transparent, ignoring questions from community members, violate community etiquette.

Questions to the leaders:

1.What is the guild management salary?

2.How many times will you spend on the guild?

3.Why do you need $65 000 right now? How are you doing spend the money in details (amount/who/why/near wallet)

4.What the forms of monthly reports?
Will you do it open and transparent or ignore questions again?

5.What is the guild managements KPI?

6.What is a road map by month / quarter/ year?


Attn @Grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR

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Thank you for sharing your perspective!

Afaik, these contributors are some of the most effective and reliable, plus I know they are working closely with key stakeholders to create positive impact on the NEARverse.

However, I’d like to encourage accountability, so I will take time to gather additional info before voting.

Main question: where did that number (6240 NEAR) come from?

Why is it needed for business on NEAR?

What specific goals / timelines do you have? How are you going to measure success? Number of qualified leads?

I’m also curious to understand the strategies involving different onboarding pathways.

Overall, keep in mind that we’re going through a transition, and we appreciate all your feedback!


Thank You

Again, without any announcements for Entire Near community, we took two overwhelmed people which have their own guilds and involved in other Near projects.

If @chronear works is very important for Near, why you can’t just hire him? Or both of them? I think it will be great promotion. May they are waiting for it.

Now, it’s look like Near encourage people who violate transparency policy even if they are fantastic contributors.

Still waiting for answers here:

I’m writing it behalf of other guild leaders and members who feeling discrimination. Green light for couple people and red tape for other.

Let’s be positive, respectful of all amazing Near contributors who appreciates and respects Near Ecosystem’s values.

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Let’s be positive and respectful of these amazing contributors! They are clearly adding significant value, and this proposal involves many forms of transparency.


Hello @jlwaugh let me start by first saying thank you for the trust and words of kindness. I really appreciate it and continue to learn from you as always! Next, I apologize sincerely for the unnecessary trouble.

Regarding Business on NEAR DAO:

6240 NEAR is the total funding requested for 1 year after the NEAR Foundation and we (myself and @Mazi) identified potential cost centres. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Co-ordination: 40 NEAR x 3 persons x 12 months = 1440
  • Leads: 25 NEAR x 12 leads x 12 months = 3600
  • Discretionary (campaigns/events): 50 x 2 x 12 = 1200

The pay for Mazi and myself would be 40 NEAR per person per month and we will not receive a single NEAR more than that.

All the other funds will be used to reward community members/external participants who bring leads to us. We will assess every single lead and once the lead is qualified and passed on to the Foundation, we will reward referrers 25 NEAR per lead.

We are aiming to attract 12 qualified leads every month. Which makes it 244 leads (minimum) for the year. Once again, every community member is free to refer projects/teams to us and every qualified lead will be rewarded.

The whole idea is to complement the Referral program launched by the NEAR Foundation and leverage the power of the ever-energetic and passionate NEAR community to bring more talent/firepower to the NEAR ecosystem.

We will be having a host of events from Twitter Spaces to in-person meetups around the world. From interviews to strategic promotional collabs. From partnering with projects outside the ecosystem to supporting ecosystem initiatives.

One of the several onboarding strategies we are working on for instance is hackathon hunting. We are currently building a data base of projects/developers who participated in hackathons of other chains. The idea is attract them to build/expand their projects on NEAR. Next step would be reaching out to every single one of those projects, educating them about the opportunities on NEAR/Aurora and eventually onboarding them.

Some disclosure: This DAO has been set up by the Foundation and we are still looking for a third leader/member for this DAO who will work alongside Mazi and myself. Anyone is free to join us as a member of the DAO, all they need to do is show demonstrable interest and dedication towards Business on NEAR. Join our weekly community calls, bring projects to our public Telegram group, network with others, etc.

The initial plan was to fund BoN DAO for the entire year via a grant directly from the Foundation but we proposed to have it funded by the (now defunct?) Community Squad DAO instead. Behind the formation of this DAO was the collective input of more than 8 NEAR Foundation members who shared strategy docs (already shared with you) with us and we scribbled together with them for couple of weeks before setting up this DAO. To also address further concerns in this thread - we are not selected by the Foundation over other community members. It’s all about how proactive we are. How flexible we are when it comes to grabbing new responsibilites/creating new opportunities. I personally never wait for announcements. NEAR is all about working passionately, failing fast and building better. I reach out to several Foundation and community members (including yourself) every day and offer to help them with anything they need. These daily interactions throw opportunities my way by default. I can confidently say the same for Mazi too as we literally make ourselves available all the time, show up whenever needed and proactively ideate + execute strategies.

The funding requested for NIC DAO is separate from the BoN DAO as you already know. Since NIA was a part of the Warpspeed Guilds program (which I personally believe is no longer viable and is unfair for other non-warpspeed guilds) we received a fixed funding every month regardless of the price of NEAR. Which is precisely why we have NEAR left in our Guild wallet at the end of every month. Instead of selling it we are staking the unspent NEAR since we want to enjoy the upside of collecting NEAR. All Warpspeed Guilds have already been informed by the Foundation that the funding will be revised starting November and will be USD denominated December onwards. We are eagerly awaiting those guidelines and the new framework. Warpspeed Guilds program was an experiment and we completely understand that.

As for my involvement with the Degens council, I have stepped down from the council and quit the Degens program entirely to focus entirely on contributing to the ecosystem development more cohesively. Regarding me or Mazi or anyone for that matter working on multiple initiatives/roles - I say the more the better, I enjoy spending time exploring the wonderful NEAR ecosystem. Learning something new every hour and I have no plans to slow down anytime soon. Probably never will. I have set up 3 DAO initiatives in the past couple of weeks and will be setting up at least half a dozen more this quarter. I will keep participating in different activities and kick-starting new experiments. I literally posted this tweet on Twitter the other day, quoting Malcolm Gladwell, “The point about Connectors is that by having a foot in so many different worlds, they have the effect of bringing them all together.”

Sorry for the late response, I am dealing with the some health issues but recovering. Hope this answers all questions. Please continue guiding us and holding us accountable. Every interaction with you is a rich learning experience! :pray:t3:

Not exactly a feedback but I would again like to offer my full support and assistance wherever and whenever needed to help the transition in any way possible!


I would agree with full annual funding, but do we have guarantees that they will do their work transparent?
No, because we already have bad experience. They can continue ignoring questions from community. Furthermore, 2 councils can make decision spend all money in treasury on yourself.

Propose #1 do funding requests monthly with full detailed report from the DAO and use Roketo service
Propose #2 add third councils in the DAO from one of trustworthy people here: James , Grace, or David


As is the beauty of working in an open source nature like ours, the Council is viewable on Astro. As you can see, there is already a third Council Member from NEAR Foundation, @Nakameowdough.

This is incorrect as per above.

To add my $0.02, @chronear has cemented himself as an asset in the NEAR Community. Although I, personally, appreciate all of the community-driven accountability efforts which are ongoing there are certain points where individual (and Guilds) achieve what I’d refer to as a trusted status. This is one of those cases.


Dear @Nakameowdough could you please introduce yourself? Thanks

Ok, but you never know. I trust to you and other guild leaders, but I can’t say anything about two leaders of the DAO. They are continuing violate transparency policy.

Also wanna ask you forward this post to dear Grace. Probably, she haven’t seen this post.

I think everyone can agree with this proposal.

Still not response on these questions:

4.What the forms of monthly reports?
Will you do it open and transparent or ignore questions again?

5.What is the guild managements KPI’s?

6.What is a road map by month / quarter/ year?

They should promise to us

1.Do weekly monthly videos about their work
2Do monthly detailed reports of results/current progress/ expenses per wallet /transaction
3.Every question from Near community should be answered.

Ok, here is NIA treasury wallet @capitalfund.near , following closely how you will spend NF money


It’s not about having priority, it’s about earning that trusted status, which Chronear has done (and has gone far beyond this, actually).

Nothing has been paid out. You can voice your opinions here.

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nice project! Welcome from The Clan Guild! We can help! Our background came from different blickchains and we get a nice experience to share and develop solutions. We will get in touch :blush:


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Hello! Nice!
What news?

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Reading this post gave me some sort of joy, for the future of NEAR is nearer than we all can imagine. Near would be the world’s no. 1 global case study protocol for scalability and eco-friendly technology ever imagined.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For about 4 months, what started as a DAO treasury diversification sales within the business development working group at index coop has transitioned to a business partnership between Near Protocol and Index coop.

We’ve had several conversations on discord, telegram, and on working hours calls.

We are building a long term business partnership.

Defi product for both NEAR Protocol and Index coop to gain great incentives that will further strengthen the $NEAR.

The $NIT.

Brief Updates on both ends.

NEAR Team ( @Cameron, @kendall-near and @JMoss-spec)

Priorities and timeline; the following agreed infrastructure would be a great importance to the success of the product design and launch.

  1. The Graph . :white_check_mark: imported via Aurora.
  2. Chainlink. I’m progress
  3. Gnosis Safe

INDEX Team ( @Mringz, @Product and Engineering team, @JMoss-spec )

Priorities and timeline; I’m currently doing a Market survey and product development proposal to be reviewed by MringzThe business development wg co-lead and head of DeFi Integration and Partnership at the coop.
In preparation for the third infrastructure launch via Aurora.

The product proposal would be posted on the index governance forum for the coop’s awareness and product development next steps.

Please Comments, love, questions and most Importantly, insights are welcomed.


Hi @JMoss-spec thanks for sharing your thoughts, appreciate it. Excited about the initiatives you are undertaking. If you would like to canvass some ideas or just jam on anything related to onboarding more projects/founders please feel free to DM me anytime and we can set up a call. Happy New Year!


Dear @chronear @Grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR could you please share results of the DAO works with community? Thank You

Couldn’t find leads payments.

Thank You


Hey Dacha, we are in the process of formalizing the reporting and lead payout procedure per the guidance of the NEAR Foundation’s Ecosystem Success team. Ideally we would like to payout the leads when we have confirmation from the NEAR Foundation on the respective project/team getting a grant. We do not want to reward leads right at the lead-gen phase because we want to make sure the rewarded lead is fruitful. What I can confirm though without revealing too much information is that multiple grants have been issued to the projects that got referred via BoN and all information is with the NEAR Foundation’s Ecosystem Success team (please note that we have to maintain reasonable discretion and secrecy while discussing which projects we are negotiating with as there is always a chance of competing chains reaching out to them). I am sure you must be following our conversations with some of the referred projects/teams in the BoN Telegram group as well.

Once we are done with all the discussions around formalization and legal concerns of liabilities etc we will certainly be able to post something.