NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ DAO creation and plan for 3 months (milestones)

NEAR Stars Guild DAO creation and work plan for upcoming 3 months.

Good day people of NEAR!

Since we are growing rapidly and want to become more decentralised we want to ask for funding for our DAO for the next upcoming 3-4 months (3 milsestone scale) work plan.

So who what is NEAR Stars Guild?

Guild Leader(s): @Zhunda

Most active guild members: 7 comrades

Guild Astro DAO Address:

Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography): International

Guild concept:

Thanks to @Dacha for visualising our concept.

Guild Details:
Purpose: Positive interaction with worlds crypto influencers.

Biggest mistake I’ve seen in almost all crypto community contests or bounty offers for recognition interaction is that contest idea is made, rules for drops are written, topics are shown, #hashtags placed and after “sit n’ wait” since nothing happens – no public persons can’t find contest to write an article about project for magazine or drop a video review on it’s youtube channel.

What will NSG make different? We’ll do it opposite way.

  1. Get connected with our favorite bloggers.
  2. Ask them to make a blog post, review video, in depth look, interview with NEAR team leaders offering in exchange to share some coins when content is posted.
  3. To make it double effective can give some more NEAR coins when milestones as 100k views, 1k shares, 10k likes reached. A reasonable stimulus so that influencer give max share on his/hers fan base.
  4. Since it’s a “promotion” content we can ask them to place an additional info about events that NEAR is going to have, hackathons or other info that needs extra attention. I feel that tight romantic friendship with Marketing Guild has to be played here too.

How exactly NEAR Protocol will benefit from work with influencers, partners and artists?

A) By giving a good visibility for investors looking for reliable and potential source where to hold their funds. Even if each sponsored video brings 10 investors it pays out all advertising expenses.

B) Making shoutout to NAER community in whole. Most worthy are new members welcomed on board who want to share their thoughts, interact by doin’ some creatives or catching up talented developers, content creators, managers and leaders who are looking for crypto communities to invest their time and strength.

C) Public reputation and brand awareness for NEAR. The more people talk about certain project online (and offline), greater attention and trust score will be created also by other public personas. Good chance to make chain reaction that will convert in interest from other bloggers and news makers. Let’s stay on hype cuz it will also give an increase on worth of NEAR coin.

Our past work that we did before.
Full review can be found here:

So in clear numbers for 18800 USD in 3 months we got:
24 videos
21 article
3 Telegram group posts
And a splendid twitter account with
Telegram group to join Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild

How NEAR Stars Guild team looks now and where do we plan to go?

Greet our members!

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers and agents (educating them trough), crossworking with NEAR guilds.
@holuongduc Steve - OG of Stars Guild. Cooperates with Hidden GEM Team, writes articles and does SMM for them.
@Pug Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed, will cover “earn and learn” platform and tracks down NEAR product admins.
@Hsmoney aka Stephen is a cool dude, studies in Nigeria University and has a HUGE view where blockchain can lead us. Since in Nigeria not so many youtubers, he will cover whole Africa with promo.
@koreacryptoplanet aka Martin is full of energy and enthusiasm, idk how, but he tosses youtubers from nowhere who want to partnership. For now he will take care with Korea (and assist their guild) and Japanese youtubers. He mentioned that wants to work with Chinese and Spanish too but will keep on this for a whyle.
@luca is a professional he worked for company that does exactly same thing what NEAR stars guild does, he already provided me huge contact list of his clients and so many good offers he already can launch.
@JThompson123 works with Lite Lidger and now gathers new influencers for collab.
@Have_LoveWill_Travel Ryan will begin wise paid promotion of NEAR products using Facebook and Instagram.

Our plan for the next 3 months.
Gather 60 videos connecting influencers for shouting out promo about NEAR projects with additional articles and promo on sponsored Telegram groups.

Launch inside NEAR Community video creation programme , will figure out better naming for it. Since there are no opportunities for NEAR comrades in video creation, we want to take it on our shoulders.
Rules will be written later in additional proposal. For introduction:
Users will be given a chance to create 5-10 min review videos about our given topics.
100 USD in NEAR bounty for each review video that gains 100 views in Youtube.
200 USD for each video that gets +2k views on users Youtube account.
Each user will be limited till 5 videos per month.

60 influencers video creation per 3 months.

Myself @Zhunda will work with these youtubers.

HOT CRYPTO NEWS 650 USD for 8k views on average

Backheel Crypto 600 USD - 9k views on average

Crypto Chris 800 USD - 6k views on average

Prime Investors 2500 USD - 30k views on average

Crypto News Today 9k views for 500 USD

Crypto News 8k views on average for 450 USD

@koreacryptoplanet will work with these

Korea Crypto Planet 300 USD - 15k views on average

Shirato Group 400 USD - 30k views on average


Juli Cold 600 USD per 15k views on average

Crypto Moonlight 1000 USD for 25k views on average

@godwinsajeev Godwin

Crypto Dasha 200 USD for 7k views on average

Lite Liger 900 USD - 2k views last video about NEAR reached

@Hsmoney AKA Stephen

Крипто Батя - 800 USD for 20k views on average

Крипто Плечо 15k views per 300 USD

Roman Pushka 30k views for 650 USD

With our favorite Hidden Gem Team - 800 USD for videos (2 reviews and one AMA) where on average their videos about NEAR went till 50k views (planned 30k reach).

So in total for 15 Youtubers (15 videos) asked for 10550 USD

For Agent bounties per 15 videos (200 USD flat) those are 3000 USD

NOTE: Chosen youtubers may change by time. Active list can be found here:

SMM paid management by @Have_LoveWill_Travel Ryan plan:

  • Initiative summary: Promotion of DApps based on Near. Instagram and Facebook PPC (paid ads with placement on IG and FB app elements) Global related blockchain/crypto audience reach + running an instagram and facebook page
  • Our plan
    Targeting audience
    Audience selection criteria (target audience base parsed). GEO - biggest crypto investor countries acccording to rating;
    Subscribers of blockchain and crypto thematik channels on Instagram/Facebook; also we consider the audience for traditional trading, it can also have a good return.
    The audience for the impressions will be parsed using the Segmento Target service (~$25 per month subscription)
    Receiving enough statistics base while running ads, we also run look-alike audiences, related to previously showed ads audience.
    What to promote?
    Based on NEAR Protocol DApps (website links). Promoted posts will contain news related to the projects, updates, nft’s, etc.


To test and plan metrics / results, we need a budget for ads impressions (filled into the advertising cabinet, a report is provided): from $ 500 per week for the first month, concidering 20% GST.

Content manager for filling and maintaining an account, designing creatives for ads, writing texts, $ 400 per month

An ads manager. 900$
The work includes campaign planning, setting up campaign at FB and IG advertising cabinet (Facebook Ads Manager) and campaign management, audience parsing, setting tasks for a content manager,
A/B testing of ads and audience parameters, analytics, reports on results.

Total amount for 1st month for ads and tools: 2525$

The second month, after finding the optimal audience parameters: from $ 900 per week for good coverage + $200 for testing new audiences

The third stage is a consistent increase in budgets until the KPI cost bottom is found (website clicks, or even registration).

NEAR projects that we will be advertised trough influencers and NEAR community video creators:

NEAR Gaming topics:

Pixel Pets

Shroom Kingdom



Land to Empire

Play to earn games on NEAR
List of games on NEAR

Atocha Protocol puzzles on blockchain

NEAR NFT topics.



NEAR comics on PARAS



NEAR Economy and trading:, Binance or other trading platforms. How to use it and how to put $NEAR and trade and buy etc.

Skyward Finance
Enable fair token distribution and price discovery for projects built on NEAR Protocol.


Cheddar Farm

Oin Finance

Rubic Exchange

Make/work NEAR Coins:

Capsule Social


Open Forest Protocol

Giveaways, Drops and Free Coins:

NEAR Guild Updates and News:

What are NEAR Guilds, how to join how to create one?

NEAR partnerships: partners with NEAR ( travel company, pay with NEAR coin)

NEAR partners with Metaverse


Aurora Rainbow bridge how to use it and new UI design

NEAR Support for developers:

NEAR Grants

$350M Grants DAO for NEAR DeFi Projects

AMA sessions with NEAR Projcet authorities.
If you wish to create an AMA session, please contact @Zhunda to find out what topic you are interested in and we will shcedule time with NEAR leader of your choise.

Since we go International this month. Local NEAR Guilds are connected to give shoutout to their communities. At least their chats and SMM groups will be mentioned by Youtubers.

NOTE: If you are creating project on NEAR or is a Guild Leader and need some visibility, contact us at Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild love to bring new ideas and projects asking for support.

What budget we need for Stars Guild DAO to reach our given plans for next three months?

  • Admin Zhunda 3000 USD per month for leading
  • Yana for assistance, info gathering, design guild collabs and Twitter ( ) 1500 per month
  • Stephen for taking care of Telegram ( Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild ) and future management of NEAR video program 600 USD per month
  • Ryan for SMM advertising management 900 USD per month
  • 15 videos budget for influencers (average is 750 USD per vid) 10550 (USD for 15 vids)
  • 15 video bounty for agents (flat 200 USD for each produced video to agent) 3000 USD
  • 10 videos from NEAR Community video programme 1500 USD for first month testing


15 Video reviews about NEAR projects and topics from influencers with total of +200k views planned
NEAR Video Programme: For first month test period gain at least 10 videos from NEAR community
Increase Guild Twitter followers till +2000

Guild Management: 6000 USD
Agents bounties: 3000 USD
SMM cost for partners paid ads and tools 2500 USD
Professional Youtubers 10550 USD
NEAR Community Youtubers 1500 USD
TOTAL: 23’550 USD


Professional 20 video reviews from influencers with total of +300k views planned
NEAR Video Programme: Recieve 15 videos from NEAR community
Twitter followers till +2200

Guild Management: 6000 USD
Agents bounties: 4000 USD
Professional Youtubers: ~15000 USD
NEAR Community Youtubers: 2200 USD
SMM cost for partners paid ads and tools 2500 USD
TOTAL: 29’700 USD


At least 25 fancy videos from influencers about NEAR with total of +400k views planned
NEAR Video Programme: Get 20 review videos from NEAR community
Twitter followers till +2500

Guild Management: 6000 USD
Agents bounties: 5000 USD
Professional Youtubers: ~18’750 USD
SMM cost for partners paid ads and tools 2500 USD
NEAR Community Youtubers 3000 USD
TOTAL: 36’250 USD

As a part of growth is guild members count. Perfectly after 6 months (by autumn 2022) we want to see:

  • At least 10 active agents (currently 6) that scout and work with 30 youtubers.
  • 10 video creators from NEAR community (now none) .
  • Twitter with 3000 followers (current 1790) .
  • Telegram with 300 members (50 active) at moment 64 (engagin 15 members).
  • Supporting 10 international NEAR Guilds (5 on this cycle).
  • Support to 15 NEAR products (6 planned on current cycle).

Any questions, recommendations or feedback are welcome.

About previously mentioned ambassador program

We got dozen of applications filled. Third are obvious spammers, third are Instagram or TikTok related and the last third didn’t understood what they apply for, just send us the money. :slight_smile:
More effective seems to leave this work to guild members to continue scout out Youtubers. Price / views / quality measurements are way better.

How to submit your NEAR project to be advertised by Stars Guild:


Well Done Good Job GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals


Thank you @Zhunda for always updating information.
I Hope Marketing team gives us some feedback on what we are doing good and what we have to improve.
Thank you all.

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Hey Ecosystem DAO @Lolson_tg @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @Grace @zana since max we could get from Marketing DAO were 10k we want to grow bigger and do more for NEAR community and ecosystem want to ask to create a pool for Ecosystem DAO. As i see we fully cover up it’s mission.
How you think can we submit proposals first month for April activities asking 23’550 USD?

Now waiting for last 2 videos to get created, reviewed and launched for March work

So believe that review for Marketing DAO will be done by begining of next week.


I think 23k is really high (regardless of where it’s from) and the MarketingDAO limit is there to ensure more projects, initiatives, and individuals can get funded.

Feel free to request the funding for it, but I think personally I might have a hard time supporting it (worth noting that it’s not up to me). Why not move forward with growing into a crypto-marketing agency-style gig where you charge clients for the work that you do?

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Thanks David, will give a shot. :+1:

Tried to contact few projects of NEAR about paying for youtubers but we remaind without answer or comments like “Our marketing budget is limited, tho thank you for any help…” Some projects get grants 10-30k, they invest most in development, small part in SMM since one or two persons are in marketing field and that doesn’t give them impact from outside community. Saying as it is. :man_shrugging:

Hey Ecosystem DAO council, all previous cycle videos that are created are added to this form, so as our influencer list, and topics that we will advertise.

If you see that any other projects need promo, send to admins this form, would be helpful for us and them:

Anyhow, we would like to ask you to support our guild with 23’550 USD funding to create 15 videos from influencers. 5 project intros like this one that can be used openly by NEAR Projects ( Reality Chain - YouTube )
And do smart paid advertising trough Instagram and Facebook for projects listed in excel sheet.

If you got any recomendations and ideas how we can be closer to Ecosystem DAO, let us know.

Hey, you’ll need to create a separate funding request.

As I mentioned in a previous comment however, it’s difficult for me to justify 23k but let’s discuss it on that thread :muscle:

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