[Hiring] Looking for help with Governance

Hey community,

I’m looking for help with PMing the NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO project.

There are a lot of piece there but I’m constantly behind and other stuff has been diverging attention to actually drive it forward.


  • Kick ass understanding of governance (ideally you have worked on something like this already, may be in traditional governance)
  • Can run a project: managing engineers on implementation, talking with community, creating next steps and more.
  • Believe DAOs are future of the world, but understand why all current DAOs have not really succeeded. Pragmatic view on how to combine normal management and DAOs to achieve working system.
  • Talking, talking, talking to people, processing and summarizing and publishing it in the form that others can understand the reasoning.

What’s already here?

Please if you think you are fit or know someone who might be interested - please DM me (Twitter or here)


You might be able to find someone (or ideally a team) here: Deep DAO - Insights for a Decentralized World

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Any updates here? Was anyone ever hired? Is this project still being worked on? If not, I volunteer as tribute if no one is chosen on the anniversary of such an awesome idea :revolving_hearts::pray:t4:.