Looking for feedback on the funding and proposal process

Is there anybody i can talk to that will hold our hand through the funding process? I’m having trouble navigating this new system, and have been told to join different telegram groups (about half a dozen so far), post on near.social devgovgigs or told to join an accelerator which i’m not sure even exists.

For example, i was referred to this blog post: near(.)org/blog/update-on-near-decentralized-funding-daos-and-accelerator/ - as far as i’m aware the accelerator doesn’t have a name and from other posts I have seen recently they are still looking for partners. Additionally a telegram group doesnt exist as the link points to the official protocol group.

I feel lost and frustrated, and at some point I am letting my team down. I was told the process would be defined and we would be able to access funding by the end of February, so I gave my team empty promises. It is now almost mid April and I have no clarity on the situation. We really do have an amazing group, but we need continued support to develop public goods for the NEAR ecosystem.

I think it would be great if we could schedule a call with our custom p2p video relay sometime soon so you could see first hand what we’re all about. We’re talented af and we need your support (as well as other grassroots developers) to participate in this ecosystem with a competitive edge on the macro market. Bottom line is we’re falling behind, we have lost two devs already who need to find work to survive. The good news is we can bring them back into the fold, back into developing on NEAR with your support.

Thank you for reading.



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Hey Jon.

Thanks for the sharing your concerns. The Near Foundation has recently made some changes to how funds are disbursed to the community and the ecosystem. There is a follow up blog post from a couple of days ago that might be worth reading: Open Call for NEAR Accelerator Service Partners – NEAR Protocol

Also, the Telegram group link is correct as it’s intended to bring you to our general Telegram community.

Have you filled out any of the forms in the blog posts?

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