NEAR Governance - moving toward more community involvement


I have volunteered to try to progress NEAR governance. If anyone wants to know more about me please ask.

We know we have a lot to do. The first challenge is to get to know the lie of the land. It would be good to be very clear about the work on Governance to date and what the foundation may have in mind. So far I can see two sections of gov/ addressing governance, neither of which have gone very far despite the best of intentions. I can see no reference to governance on Discord. Both James Waugh and Ilia have taken initiatives to get this moving. I would like to work with them and any others in the community to establish NEAR governance.

I therefore have a number of initial questions which I have set out below and which I would like to get answers to before going much further.

Initial questions

  1. What is the current state of governance? How is that enshrined/defined?
  2. Who makes the decisions and on what basis?
  3. What is the (current) vision for NEAR governance?
  4. Which stakeholders do we anticipate being involved: token holders, validators, users/developers?
  5. Assuming that we want to move to a more decentralised form of governance how do we anticipate stakeholders voting?
  6. Are there any thoughts about how a governance/decison making model for NEAR would work to ensure:
  • Strategic direction
  • Inclusivity
  • Balance
  • Due diligence on issues such as token/fund management
  • Decisiveness, responsiveness and agility
  1. I see three major governance threads: Outreach/marketing, Technical – protocol covering testnet management and software releases, Governance per se. Obviously there would need to be some financial/budgetary controls. Does this make sense?