[BOUNTY] Solidity Consultation - $300 USD in NEAR

Hey NEAR community!

We are Kin DAO, new to the NEAR ecosystem but super excited to be welcomed in and have the opportunity to give our project some fuel.

One of our members @Patrick-T-Anderson has been working on a system called the For Product Model for many years, which we will be integrating into operations as a DAO. Essentially it is a system that will assist our communities in trading work for ownership of products or land - keeping all transactions debt free and ideally $$ free.

He has some questions to work through in Solidity and we wanted to ask the NEAR community first if anyone here has experience in Solidity and would be willing to consult with him for a few hours to move through these ideas.

If so, please respond to this post letting us know your experience level. If you are a good fit for what is needed @Patrick-T-Anderson will contact you personally. We hope to set up a meeting by the end of the month if possible!

We are offering $300 USD in NEAR for this consultation that may take a few hours to resolve.

Looking forward to seeing if there is a good fit here!


Hey all, just wanted to help explain this scope of this request.

The KinDAO plans to buy land and tools to empower artisans to build productively sovereign eco cities under the direct control of those occupier owners.

We need 3 simple ledgers to structure the land and work required for that production and a fungible coin we will sell to buy the land.

A rough shot at implementing the coin is at