[Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Creatives DAO

Step-by-Step: How to apply for funding from the Creatives DAO

This is the process for how a proposal should be submitted for funding from the Creatives DAO:

  1. Posts a “New Topic” in the NEAR forums (please use the “creatives-dao” tag), within the Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum category, outlining:
  • What project(s) you are requesting funds for (this should be the title of the post)
    – Guilds and DAOs should bundle all open creative project proposals they have voted through their own councils that they now require funding to realize
    – We recommend posting these amalgamated project posts on a monthly basis in order to streamline the Creative DAO’s council members’ attention to your funding requests

  • Your name, NEAR account, and the timeline you are requesting funding for (monthly or otherwise)

  • The DAO address that will be the “target” of the payout proposal

  • Total Requested Funding Amount

  • A summary of the project(s) and what tasks the funds are required for (Outlined with as much detail as possible. Please add links to previous DAO-specific Forum posts):
    – Please provide a timeline and milestones for your project in your DAO’s Forum post(s)
    – How the completion of the tasks outlined supports the NEAR community in the DAO Forum post(s)

    Example: [PROPOSAL] Createbase Funding Application - June 2021

  1. The council of the Creatives SputnikDAO will deliberate over your proposal by checking over the info submitted in the forum link and leaving comments if necessary.
  • If your forum post is adequate and thorough, the council may vote to pass your proposal without any comments whatsoever, this is perfectly normal.
  • If needed you can always edit the original forum post to add more information if required by a council member.
  • When your proposal is passed, it will receive an “[Approved]” Status


  1. Go to the Creatives SputnikDAO and “add new proposal” of the “payout” type.
  • Set the “target” to the NEAR address that you are requesting funds to for your guild (example: “creatives.sputnikdao.near”).
  • For the “Job/proposal description” field, write a short (240 chars or less) description of the proposal (adding the guild name and month of funding for example).
  • Use the link to the forum post that you have created in the “forum discussion” field of the payout proposal.
  • Set the “Payout in NEAR” to the amount of funding that you are requesting for your guild.
  • Click “SUBMIT” and submit the transaction (0.1 NEAR will be needed for a bond to deter spam, this bond will be returned upon successful completion of the proposal).

  1. Funds will be transferred from the creatives.sputnikdao.near contract to the address set in the “target” field from step 2, once the council members of the Creatives SputnikDAO vote to approve your payout proposal.
  • Please ensure to check back on your post to see if there are notes from a council member (email notifications can be enabled as well) to ensure there is the highest chance of success for your proposal to pass
  • If your proposal fails, there will be a reason in the comments of your forum post. Please feel free to edit your post, taking the comments into consideration, and re-submit a payout proposal.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and voting from the Creatives DAO council members.


All proposals to the Creatives DAO can all be found in the Forum here. For assistance setting up your own DAO to launch your proposals for your creative projects, check out this post.

We look forward to seeing your creative proposals and please reach out to the Creatives DAO council members (@chloe @mecsbecs) if you have any questions or comments!

UPDATE: Once you’ve successfully received funds from the Creatives DAO and you’re preparing for your next monthly proposal, please be sure to review our [Guide] How to submit monthly reports to the Creatives DAO. Proposals run the risk of having new funding proposals delayed or not voted through without these brief reports on accomplished or ongoing projects already supported by the Creatives DAO. In the Forum post (as described above) for your new monthly funding proposal, be sure to link to your report on how the previous month’s projects fared for ease of reference for the Council. :slight_smile:


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