[Proposal] NEARCH4N Guild

Project title: NEARCH4N (using a 4 for now because I’m planning to upgrade to sputnik v2 soon)
One-liner: Bring NEARCH4N to life through community input and artist commissions. Inspired by the crypto-currency-girls.com (inactive) and somethingchans.fandom.com
Project DAO: nearch4n.sputnikdao.near
Challenge area or bounty: NFT Onboarding! NEARCHAN will give everyone a friendly welcome :grin:
Slides: TBD

Project members

  • staRpauSe (starpause.near)
  • shep (sheepgod.near)
  • Maybe YOU?!

Project summary

  • NEARCH4N DAO will help with character design choices to ensure NEARCHAN is 100% authentic to the community (even if she’s not an official mascot).
  • DAO will also finalize commission choices and payout artists.
  • Commissions to bring NEARCHAN to life will be drawings, 3d models, voice actors, cosplayers, and even game developers.
  • DAO will gain funds from selling NFTs and merch featuring NEARCHAN.
  • When we move to sputnik v2 we will implement a social token and probably change the name to an A instead of 4.

Other attachments

I’ll be including a mood board and some preliminary character designs. If you have ideas or would like to join please comment below ≧◡≦

Update: Character Creative Brief deck! For proposal nft-onboarding.sputnikdao.near/51


Im interested! This sound so cool!


I am interested too. This could become a fun educational tool.


Prefer the nightshade visual. BTW, I have an idea: when talking of NEAR, I usually thought about NieR, so maybe NEAR Chan can take some elements from this game. black & white is also NEAR style.

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Buster, thanks for your feedback! I’ll add a slide referencing NieR to the character design deck.

Funny you bring NIER up, I created a misspelled NEIR token when tkn.farm launched :sweat_smile:

Waifutoken.io has taken interest and is leading the charge on an initial character design. They’re a strong partner, out of the the anime projects in the NFT space they are doing things right (original art commissions, keeping things sfw, frequent dev updates). They focus on quality before trends and bandwagon hopping, reminds me of NEAR :grin:

A16Z published an article about what we’re up to here. Not about NEARCHAN, just the movement her DAO is part of :crystal_ball::eyes::thought_balloon:

Direct link to article

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Waifutoken! so interesting! waifu has the same pronunciation as wife in chinese. looking forward to see their designs and products.

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+1 for waifu merch :3

We officially welcomed Juanna to the guild this week! She brings a critical eye with deep background in both art and anime. Sitting on the DAO council.


Updated the deck with more mascot context, leaning into the quirky and kawaii:

I wouldn’t want NEAR-chan to always be chibbi, but thinking about what characteristics would remain if she was reduced down to that simplified form may help focus her design. Special care that when she’s drawn small it’s chibi and not loli.


Thinking about how the new site design direction could play into her character

Color scheme could go into hair (combined with a no-fuss style, cause NEAR-chan is practicle). It could also tie into some prismatic accessories, I was thinking since she is so friendly to other chains she could wear snap bracelets to give away. Glow stick bracelets could work (and be fun to draw) but going to candy raver bracelets is probably over the naughty edge.


Rollerblades (so hacker and fast, lines up with near GTM GTD speed)… yah or nah?

An artist the DAO found through Paras.id is going to make a character sheet for NEARCHAN!


In a public taste test GARRID was the preferred choice (17 to 13). This follows our idea of doing wide open public votes on selections of “only good choices” curated by the DAO.

Here are GARRID’s terms and what will be produced:

Artwork Terms:

  • Front, side, back view of character.
  • Include some faces/expressions.
  • No shading is needed, color sketch style.
  • Non-commercial price for development of a character to inspire the NEAR community and other artists.

Payment Terms:

  • The payment will be half before and half after
  • You dont get refunds of the first payment if you want to cancel in the middle
  • You have refunds of the first payment if GARRID cancel the work
  • You have free of charge 6 changes chances at sketch phase, before approving the sketch we cant go back
  • Payment in NEAR at the current cost of NEAR<>USD

Requesting funds for the first half of payment - 52,6 NEAR:


We know that in general DAO do not approve proposals for “creating an NFT.” In this case we are not creating an NFT, but an inspiring character for the community.

August update…

NEARchan is alive!

Requesting funds to finalize the payment to Garrid in the agreed amount & to retain the council for further activities. Our next steps:

  1. Run a 2 month “Draw This In Your Style” contest with 2 goals
    • Reaching artists who are outside of NEAR ecosystem.
    • Inspiring artists in the ecosystem to create NEAR themed art (which we have seen does well with collectors).
  2. Commission our favorite artists outside of NEAR
    • We will focus on artists on other chains and artists who are not any chain yet.
    • Depending on the social reach and maturity of the artists we are able to commission, the number of commissions per month will be between 3-9.
    • We want NEARchan art to be live on all ecosystems/chains, like an irresistible diplomat.
Ammount ($N) Purpose Eventual Recipient
52.6 2nd half of payment for final artwork garrid
50 landing page / website build & updates shep
30 admin, critique, artist finders fee shep
30 admin, critique, artist finders fee jordan
30 admin, critique, artist finders fee juanna
100 DTIYS prize guild
300 bring new artists to NEAR with commissions guild
8 mintbase store guild

Total 600.6

request to creatives.sputnik.fund

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This looks great @starpause, do you mind reformatting this post to match this guide?

And then submitting this as a proposal on the creatives DAO subcategory in the forum’s?

From there we can [APPROVED] the proposal in the forum’s and then that would allow this to be posted to our Creatives DAO.

Voting “no” on original proposal to the DAO https://sputnik.fund/#/creatives.sputnikdao.near/39

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For anyone following the adventures of NEARchan we’ve moved the guild under Creatives DAO with an introduction and our 1st monthly budget proposal.

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