[APPROVED] MintbaseDAO January

Hello everyone, hello CreativesDAO

Happy day of the three wise kings (tres reis mangos) :slight_smile:

Contact Name: @marianeu

Guild: Mintbase

Target Address: mintbase.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 637,2494

Funding Period: January 2022

Requested amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

Our two new bounties for Article writing are soooo active. Check them out

  1. At this first one, where we ask people to write articles, there are around 10 articles being written about mintbase at the moment. This could cost between 600 and 1800 USD in NEAR until the end of the month…
  1. For this second one there are 6 articles being translated atm (and I submitted this bounty yesterday). So I think it is possible that there will be many more until the end of the month. This could cost up to 500 Usd
  1. 60 N will be paid out to me, @reginamintbase and @luisinfante for onboarding purposes

This will add up to ~900 USD

  1. We have between 5 and 6 moderators for reddit this month. This is for two channels on reddit so 200 USD each person

That makes up to 1200 USD. @reginamintbase is currently working on getting funds for this directly from the marketing near grants

  1. The Cryptowhat? Project also wants to do another workshop. The last time their workshop did cost 82,71 N as you can see in the december report which sums up to ~ 1230 USD in NEAR . This kind of educative workshop model is definitely something we want to fund often, as it provides understanding about what is possible to build on mintbase

Summing all the listed projects we already are over 5000 USD, to be exact we are talking about 5630 USD in NEAR. Without counting on the projects that will appear during the month.


hey @marianeu , happy to say it’s approved.

feel free to ask the 5000$ on the creatives dao astrodao.

current rate: $15.86 = 315.2N (22:35 portugal time)

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In addition I’ll just leave the guides for reports & proposals here for the upcoming month so you can get a better idea of the structure :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi, I will submit now for 373,13 (bc near is 13,48 USD atm)

Olá Maria,

The proposal will be downvoted as the N value was incorrect. Please bear in mind that the max. funding per month is 5000 USD in N, where this

sums up to 5029,79 USD.

Generally, once a proposal is approved by the council, the value to request in N will be added by the council at the time of approval to be fair for everyone. We do our best to vote as quick as possible. If the overall price fluctuation is under 10%, the values will not be adjusted, they can’t surpass the 5000 USD cap though. If an adjustment has to be made, it will be done by the council of the Creatives DAO.

Therefore we ask you to submit a new payout of 361,5N (coingecko 22:16 GMT, 1N=13.82$) :slight_smile:

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Omg so sorry, i dont know how this mistake happened? I used the calculator. Will re-submit today