[GUIDE] New proposal & payout process in the Creatives DAO

On the way to more decentralisation the Creatives DAO has established a new flow and this post hopefully serves as a guide for every Guild/DAO applying for funding.

You can find more infos about the new process from NEAR Foundation here & in the blue box on top of the forum.

Updates within the Creatives DAO

Where previously a council of individuals has voted on the proposals, we are now in the process of replacing them for DAOs. The goal is to have a council consisting of DAOs, which will vote on all the proposals and polls. DAOs are therefore more than ever encouraged to collaborate, comment and work together.

Every DAO that has submitted and received at least one budget from the Creatives DAO is eligible to be in the council.

If your DAO wants to take part, please let us know and we will add it to the council. You can contact us in the Creatives TG chat.

Who can apply for funding for the Creatives DAO?

Guilds or DAOs with a creative purpose can apply for creative projects.

The Creative DAO does NOT fund projects from individuals. If this is your case, please contact a Guild or DAO in the ecosystem that serves the purpose (music, gaming, digital arts etc.)

The Creatives DAO does NOT fund projects retrospectively. We recommend waiting for the approval of your monthly budget by the Creatives DAO before working on projects or paying out participants.

Guide will be updated but general conditions remain the same:

If you have a proposal related to marketing, we recommend submitting this to the Marketing Vertical.

The max. Amount a DAO can receive from Creatives is 5000 USD in N. For new DAOs the max. Is 2000 USD in NEAR for the first proposal. We’ll stick to the new tiering system, tier 2 & 1 will not be funded through the Creatives DAO but should apply directly to NF.

The council payout of each DAO can take up to 30% of the budget ( for ex. Budget 5000 USD - council payout 1500 USD)


We ask all Guilds and DAOs in the Creatives sector to submit their reports from the previous month as well as the new budget until the 7th of each month in order to avoid more delays.

Funding & proposal structure

Please follow the guidelines when submitting your monthly report and proposal - keeping it clear, simple and detailed so that it can be reviewed easily. Please create a forum post for each project of your DAO and link it into the monthly budget (example). Use USD values for the proposals.




In Post:

Project/Council Members:


Total Requested Funding Amount:

Projects & Timelines:

[summary of all Guild/DAO ongoing or new creative projects and the breakdown of the funding requested per project; please link to previous Guild/DAO approved posts with additional project details as these projects must be already voted through the appropriate council before funding can be requested from the Creatives DAO]

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?


The Creative DAO now has moderators instead of singular council members, which will help you with the forum administration and will confirm if your proposal fits within the guidelines of the new system.

  1. Post your monthly budget and the moderators will check if it is according to the guidelines, if there are infos missing etc. We also encourage DAOs to check out the monthly proposals.

  2. When the review is done and the status of the forum post changes to [APPROVED], please create a poll to approve the budget in the Creatives DAO on Astro, linking to the approved proposal & add this poll link to your monthly budget post.

  3. The DAOs in the Creatives Council will now vote for your poll.
    :point_right: :point_right:Instruction on how to vote as a DAO with a custom function call. :point_left: :point_left:

  4. Once the poll has been voted on, please start the payout process by filling out this google form. You will then receive an email to start your KYC (Know your customer) process and once confirmed, a “reward agreement” to receive the tokens.

Please note that this last step is not in the Creatives DAO’s hands anymore, therefore we are not able to give an insight on timelines or delays.

Custom function call for council DAOs to vote on polls/proposals

To be posted in your own DAO

To approve:


“id”: IDnumber of proposal in Creatives DAO,

“action”: “VoteApprove”


To reject:


“id”: IDnumber of proposal in Creatives DAO,

“action”: “VoteReject”



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